What is Grammarly?

Have you ever tried to communicate in English and, though you may have been a native speaker or someone who just learned how to write and speak English, it still seems that what you wrote or communicated feels wrong grammatically?

Have you ever been given a message that sounds familiar or bluntly speaking, seems plagiarized?

Worry no more.

Presenting, GlobalPolyglots.com’s English grammar correction and plagiarism checker software partner, Grammarly – the world’s leading automated proofreader.

Try out the free version and see for yourself.

Go Premium and supercharge your English writing performance.

Try Grammarly – the world’s leading automated proofreader.

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44 Replies to “What is Grammarly?”

  1. Hi JR, I have the free version of Grammarly and did not know that there were so many features to it. I enjoy using it because I think I make 100 mistakes per minute, I rely on it a whole lot.

    Since I have read your post I started to think about upgrading. There is a lot more to the product than what is offered in than free version.
    Thanks for writing such an informative post.

    1. Hi Luna, thank you for visiting =) Yeah, I do use Grammarly too and it is absolutely lovely. I do agree that the premium version packs a lot. It will be very useful if you have created a lot of content already or you are writing a book or anything in long form. Again, thanks for dropping by =) I invite you to hover around the website. It also packs a lot of great information about languages =) Thanks! =)

  2. I use the free version, but somehow I feel that it is inadequate enough to support the vocabulary. I intend to upgrade to premium for a trial.

    1. Hi Jamin, thanks for visiting =) The Premium subscription is really worth it. Even for the once fluent in English, human error causes us to omit words or use certain words repetitively. This is where Grammarly takes action. Looking forward to your Premium subscription =)

  3. JR,
    Thank you for this post. I love Grammarly and use it every day. I have also found that I am now starting to think more about my writing. My biggest downfall is “Passive Voice”.
    In fact Grammarly has just corrected this comment 🙂

  4. Hi JR
    this is exactly what I need right now. I write in english but on a swiss laptop. No help what so ever when it comes to grammar. I just finished a article and want to try this program you suggest.
    Thanks a lot for the tip

    1. Hi Stefan, thanks for visiting. That’s great =) I hope you enjoy using Grammarly. It’s definitely a brilliant and very useful program =)

  5. Hi JR,

    I took the time out to read your article on Grammarly. I will try out the free version soon to get some experience with it, and if I like it, I will upgrade to yearly. Thank you so much for this interesting article

    1. hi Ahmad, that’s great =) yeah, the free version is loaded already. You can try it out and see if upgrading the premium will be an option =) Thanks.

  6. As a non English mother tongue, JR, I think I shall need all the help I can get from Grammarly. I had already come across this programme in the past, but never joined it as I did not realise they have a free of charge option. And they offer so much on the free package, that it makes it nearly unnecessary to go on the monthly payment premium scheme.
    Thank you for outlining all the benefits of Grammarly, JR. I shall definitely join!

    1. hi Giulia, thanks for visiting =) I am glad you took a second look at Grammarly. It is really a very helpful too for like us whose English is not our mother tongue language. But as I’ve shared, this also helpful for native English speakers because though we may speak English fluently, it is different when we electronically type our thoughts. Most often, we end up making huge mistakes which we neglect most of the time =) So yeah, the free option is up for grabs by anyone and is very helpful =) Thanks again Giulia =)

  7. Hi, JR!
    Thank you for this information! I use Grammarly every day, and it is very helpful. I am also thinking about upgrading. I am sure I will do that in not so distant future. 🙂
    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Linda, great to see you again =) Oh yes, we are “Grammarly babies” (if there is such a term) hehehe. Grammarly has been very helpful too in my blog/website writing. Looking forward on your future upgrade =) Thanks again =)

  8. I have actually never heard of Grammarly before now! Thank you so much for the information, now I want to go double check everything I have on my site, and after reading this, will certainly be using this tool to help with all future content! hahaha. Though English is my native language, like you said, there are times it just does not look or feel right. Very useful information here!

    1. Hi Miranda, thanks for visiting =) I am glad you found the article informative. Actually, when I was introduced to Grammarly, I did exact the same thing. Downloaded its free version first then went to all of my posted articles. True enough, I saw many spelling and grammatical errors which I never thought I did. So indeed, Grammarly is such a powerful tool =) Thanks again and I hope you appreciate Grammarly =)

  9. Hi – and thanks for this article! I had heard of Grammarly, but didn’t know a lot about it. I consider myself a pretty good writer, but there is always room for improvement. I’ll check out the free version and see how much it helps me!


    1. Hi Julie. thanks for visiting =) Grammarly is also very helpful for native or fluent English speakers. Due to possible human errors when typing electronically, Grammarly aides on what we commonly miss out. yeah, trying it out for free is absolutely worth it =) Thanks.

  10. Hi JR! I myself use Grammarly and it is truly helpful software.
    You have reviewed well its beneficial function.I think every web or Blog owner must use this software.
    Wish you best!

    1. Hi Lela, thanks for dropping by. I am very glad you find Grammarly very helpful. I have been using it too and it is indeed fantastic =) Thanks.

  11. I have been using Grammarly since about my third month as a Wealthy Affiliate member. And believe me, it is a valuable tool to have. It helps you cut down on a lot of time by constantly letting you know of any errors you may have made. This helps cut down on proofreading entirely what you write.

    1. Hi Ronnie, thanks for visiting. It’s amazing how Grammarly has helped a lot of peeps, you and I included =) Great to hear about your beautiful Grammarly experience =)

  12. Hi JR. I am a grammar Nazi. Grammarly is a great tool to keep me in check when writing articles as I tend to run on instead of breaking up my sentences. Such as that last one lol. I think anyone who writes blogs for a living would benefit from this software. Your review is great, and I enjoyed the read. Have a great day.

    1. Hi Deborah, thank you for visiting =) Being a fluent English speaker, I agree that it is not foolproof to have a perfect English constructed sentence, hence, the value of Grammarly. I am with you there that anyone who makes a blog will really benefit from this amazing software =) Hope we can spread this information more as Grammarly really works =) Thanks Deborah =)

  13. This is a great tool especially for bloggers, I know when I get in the swing of writing at a quick pace, I tend to make little mistakes that I won’t realise until its actually published. I’ve been thinking of getting the premium version for some time now. It was a godsend back in university when writing essays and dissertations you never had to worry about plagiarism.

    1. Hi Kourtney, thanks for visiting =) I totally can relate. Before I used Grammarly, I always proofread many times just to make sure there will be no mistakes grammatically and spelling wise. But still, it only when I have published already, almost always, I spot an incorrect one. And yes, with its plagiarism checker feature, it makes a very useful tool especially for students and teachers alike. Thanks again =)

  14. I absolutely love Grammarly.

    Sometimes, when I’m quickly typing a comment or message, it’s so easy to mistype something without noticing. I love the way that Grammarly marks such mistakes really clearly so I see them before I click the Send/Post/Submit button. 🙂

    1. Hi Phil, thanks for dropping by. It is great to know that you are using Grammarly now. Great software isn’t? =) The mistyping is also one of my usual mistakes and Grammarly works to remind and show me which part needs correction. Thanks again fellow Grammarly user =)

  15. Hi JR,

    I stopped using Grammarly more than 6 months ago as it wasn’t suitable for my cooking niche. I blog about Asian food. Many times, Grammarly detects something as an ‘error’ when it is actually the Chinese name of a dish or ingredient. It’s still a great tool though for other niches, just not mine.

    1. Hi Yvonne, thanks for visiting =) It is unfortunate that Grammarly did not work for you well… yet =) If you are confident that your writing skills (grammatically and spelling wise) are excellent then maybe this is not yet a great product for you. In my experience, there are few words that Grammarly suggests for me to change, but of course, I still have a better judgment, so in some instances, I just ignore it. Hopefully, you can come back to Grammarly again =) Thanks Yvonne =)

  16. Hi JR,
    I had heard about this in chat but was not sure exactly how it worked. Your information is well presented. I like your site and am interested.
    I see it works for Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Does the upgrade work for Internet Explorer?
    I have fairly decent writing skills but often second guess my grammar, punctuation, and unsure about using citations properly.

    1. Hi Teresa, thanks for dropping by =) The software, both the free and the premium, works well with Internet Explorer too =) I agree that some, like you, may have good writing skills but more often than not, due to normal human errors, we tend to miss out some with our punctuations and even grammars. Hope you get to try it to explore. It really does wonder =) Thanks again =)

  17. I have seen so many adverts about Grammarly so i decided to take a look at some reviews and it seems it may be quite useful! I found your post to be very informative and I may actually have to take a look into it, I am wondering though if there are any limitations to how Grammarly works? Is it flawless or can it sometimes be a bit of a pain? I would intend to use the Chrome plugin but wonder if it can be a little bit of a pain sometimes when using the plugin? How does the plugin actually work? Just wondering to expand on before would it be detecting my typing when using google search, YouTube etc? Thank you very much and again very nice post I really enjoyed it!

    1. Hi Kyle, thanks for visiting =) I am glad that you appreciated the article. As for limitations, the premium version definitely is more packed compared to the free one. It detects more errors and suggests more alternative ways in constructing speech patterns. However, the free version, if you would try might also be enough for the time being given that you are in the exploratory stage. In my experience, the plugin has worked seamlessly in my Chrome browser. It detects well my misspells and incorrect grammar usage. When I was using the free version, it was more than enough when I was starting. The plugin, after downloading, works silently in the background. Just like an auto-correct function in Microsoft Word, it automatically prompts you for any error with a red mark, as you type. Once you are prompted by a red mark, you hover into that prompt and it Grammarly gives you the correct usage or suggests an alternative word to make your word or sentence structure more appropriate =) As a caveat, if you find the suggestion to be negligible, you can just hover and click ignore and the red mark will disappear. Just like in any program, a human decision should also take precedence. I suggest you try it out and explore it. In my experience and the rest who are using it both on free and premium, it has been fantastic! =) Thanks again Kyle =)

  18. I do love the features of Grammarly especially for the premium package. My favorite ones are that it makes suggestions for citation and detects plagiarism – this is great for webmaster who write contents regularly.

    Anyway, what happens when you reach the 250 types of errors and and you still have some mistakes that need to be corrected – and you’re a premium member?

    1. Hi Udoh, thanks for visiting =) Yeah I love Grammarly too. It has been very helpful. As for your question, the free version is really limited, this is to inspire you to go Premium. By going premium, you’ll get more advice and possible corrections. If I am a Premium member yet? Not yet, but I am planning soon. For me the free version has been very helpful so far and I’ve managed to breeze through with all my articles =) Thanks again =)

  19. Hello JR – this is what I’m looking for right now as I have exams for my IELTS where I need to get a good score in speaking, listening, reading and writing. And this tool grammarly will help me a lot in writing phase where there should not be any grammatical mistakes in the English language. Thanks for this useful info much appreciated.

    1. Hi Manasir, thanks for visiting =) I am glad you find this article very helpful. Grammarly is really great and ou can try it out for free. The free version is already packed with a lot of useful features. Thanks again bro =)

  20. Hello, and thanks for sharing Grammarly is truly the best and I give it two thumbs up. I love to use Grammarly it is really a great tool that makes writing so much easier and fun. Thanks for sharing again and great post

    1. hi Norman, thanks for visiting =) I am happy you find Grammarly very helpful too =) I can’t imagine now how my blogs would be without it. Thanks again brother =)

  21. Hi JR, I always always see ads for Grammarly, which makes me wonder if my grammar is really & truly that terrible. I had no idea that they had free browser extensions, and that’s really cool. thanks for another terrific review!

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