Exclusive Fares: Traveling expands our world

Do you wish to learn a new culture?

Do you wish to learn a new language?

One of the best ways to achieve this is to travel to a new destination and explore the world.

Here in GlobalPolyglots.com, we partnered with several airlines and travel companies to help guide you find the best experience yet the most cost-efficient way to travel. We’ll keep you updated on the latest discounts and promos from our partners.

The classes, books, music, movies and apps will help you learn a new language, but experiencing them as you travel and meet people will still be the best.

Immerse in the local culture. Travel to the country and learn their beautiful language.

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See you around the world!


18 Replies to “Exclusive Fares: Traveling expands our world”

    1. hi Derek, thank you for visiting. I absolutely agree =) It is like the when we are out in the real world, we can fully appreciate what we learned from our classes. By traveling to the country where we want to learn the languages, it is when we can fully embrace the culture and learn more =) Again, I am really glad you appreciated it =)

  1. So true JR.
    The vast amount you can learn just by visiting another culture is amazing. You don’t truly understand just how different other lifestyles are until you actually experience it yourself.

    Glad I found your site!

    1. hi Damien, thank you for visiting =) I appreciate your very kind comment. Being an expat myself, being immersed in a new country gave me a unique perspective on how it is to really live and breath a new culture. There is an invaluable learning experience you will only feel when you are with the society. Again, thank you very much =)

  2. Hi, JR!
    It is true! I lived in Poland for three months. Poland was not so different from my country, but still, there were different things. I liked there a lot and understood polish people much better than before. I think I would love to travel and explore new countries, learn new languages and see different lifestyles, cultures etc. It is amazing and I love the feeling that I discover something new for me.

    1. Hi Linda, thank you again for visiting =) Travelling, meeting and interacting with new people give us a better understanding of the person’s culture, and language as well. Being there at the moment gives much more meaning than just reading and learning about it. I too love to travel and when I travel, each country leaves a special mark in my heart. What are you waiting for? Yalla (Let’s Go in Arabic) =) Thanks again =)

  3. Great website concept! I am myself a travel enthusiast. Just back from 2 months travelling Asia and it was amazing. Looking forward to further updates…

    1. hi Juan, fantastic =) Thank you for visiting =) I also love a traveling and I am very happy you loved the concept of the website =) Do come back on this site as more features and travel fares will be shared =) Thanks again =)

  4. Hiya, This is brilliant! I am planning to travel around the world in the not too distant future so this really helps. I have been traveling but not as much as I used to so I’m delighted I have found your site, I definitely bookmark this and come back again when I’m ready. Thanks

    1. hi Michael, thanks for dropping by =) I am glad you find the website helpful =) Feel free to visit some of my articles also and I hope you will like it too =) Traveling is truly liberating and it will widen our horizon =) Thanks again brother.

  5. I used to travel a lot. I flew Pan Am & TWA. Even if you never went through customs in other lands you could learn much. After I get my kidney transplant I will travel again, so I will be back.

    1. hi Chappy, thank you for visiting =) I agree. Even on stopovers and layovers, just by meeting new people, you’ll get a glimpse of who they are and the kindness they can give =) I am looking forward to your great travels after your big health challenge. I bet you’ll breeze on it and in no time, you’ll be traveling again =) Thanks again =)

    1. hi M.Ramlee, this is fantastic =) Great tips on your article too =) Oh, I must say, I also love Malaysia =) Terima Kasih! =)

  6. Hi, thank you for all the information. My wife and I are finally able to start planning trips and your info really helped us out.

    Thank you,

    Dale and Jenny

    1. Hi Dale and Jenny,

      Thank you for visiting. I am glad the information helps. It just gives me pure joy having helped friends explore the world =) Enjoy traveling =) Feel free to visit also my other articles. I speak about languages and how we can all build one global village =) Thanks again =)

  7. There’s nothing quite like traveling to a new destination and immersing yourself in the culture to learn about the world. It TOTALLY expands your worldview, you’re so right!
    I love how I’m forced to learn even the basics of a new language when I go somewhere foreign (yes, no, thank you, please, how much, … numbers, etc.) to communicate with the locals. It’s fun, it’s polite, and it’s a great way to grow as a person too. I wish I could retain what I learned when I get home though! At one point I could converse a WEE bit in Arabic after a trip to Egypt, but I can’t remember even one word of it now a few years later. It’s a shame!

    1. hi Marlaine, thank you for visiting =) I share with absolute agreement everything you said. It is really when we travel, whether to migrate, to work or even just to be an explorer of a foreign land can we truly appreciate the culture and the languages that the country has to offer. Thank you for the message =)

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