UPDATED: Palme d’Or winners in The Cannes Film Festival (1986-2017)

Held in France every year, the prestigious Cannes Film Festival hands over the Palme d'Or, the highest prize award of the festival, to the movie that exemplifies the best quality in world cinema. It is the most sought-after and the most awaited award of the festival. Here in GlobalPolyglots.com, we wish to share with the whole world the magnificent movies that The Cannes Film Festival has set as a benchmark of excellence to celebrate the beauty of languages. Immerse in the language, immerse in the culture. Click the movie posters and watch the trailer. Rent it or buy it out, the choice is yours. Check-out is powered by Amazon. Celebrate the finest and the best in International Cinema! Enjoy the movies.

The Square (2017)

Swedish, English, Danish

I, Daniel Blake (2016)


Dheepan (2015)

Tamil, French, English

Winter Sleep (2014)

Turkish, English

Blue Is the Warmest Color (2013)


Amour (2012)


The Tree of Life (2011)


Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives (2010)

Isan, Thai

The White Ribbon (2009)


The Class (2008)


4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days (2007)


The Wind That Shakes the Barley (2006)

English, Irish, Latin

The Child (2005)


Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004)


Elephant (2003)


The Pianist (2002)

English, Polish, German, Russian, French, Turkish

The Son’s Room (2001)


Dancer in the Dark (2000)


Rosetta (1999)


Eternity and a Day (1998)

Greek, English, Italian

The Eel (1997)


The Taste of Cherry (1997)


Secrets & Lies (1996)


Underground (1995)


Pulp Fiction (1994)


The Piano (1993)

English, Māori, British Sign Language

Farewell My Concubine (1993)


The Best Intentions (1992)


Barton Fink (1991)


Wild At Heart (1990)


Sex, Lies, and Videotape (1989)


Pelle the Conqueror (1988)

Scanian, Danish, Swedish

Under the Sun of Satan (1987)


The Mission (1986)

English, Latin, Guaraní

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20 Replies to “UPDATED: Palme d’Or winners in The Cannes Film Festival (1986-2017)”

  1. My father said that 1997 movies are great and which one should I get?
    I heard that the taste of cherry was amazing or which one is your favorite?

    1. Hi Furkan, thank you for dropping by =) My personal picks are Amour, Fahrenheit 9/11 and The Pianist. I have yet to watch The Taste of Cherry but it’s in my “to watch” list already =) But I must say, with Cannes validating all of these great winners, it must be fantastic =) Thanks again =)

  2. Hey, hubby and I love watching movies in other languages. They seem to engage you so much more than a movie in your own language. We often watch foreign movies when all the kids are sleeping late at night.

    Will have to check out some of these with hubby and see which one we would like to see.

    Any thriller/ suspense that you recommend?

    1. Hi Rose, thanks for dropping by =) I can very much relate when you say that you watch it with your hubby while the kids sleep at night. That is also our nightly “we” time with my wife. hehehe… =) I am glad you liked the list… as for thriller/suspense, there’s Pulp Fiction. You might also want to check out Blue Is The Warmest Color, Barton Fink and Amour. =) Actually, in my other articles, I also shared the Academy Awards winners and The BAFTA winners. You would find more gems there too =) Here are the links – https://globalpolyglots.com/foreign-language-film-in-academy-awards and https://globalpolyglots.com/bafta-awards-for-best-foreign-films =) Enjoy watching =)

  3. Hello JR. I love the collection up there. I have watched the pianist and I must say it is one powerful film. Watched and cried most of the time. The human will is so strong. In the midst of such trials, humans still manage to find the will to go on. Will definitely check out other titles that you have listed. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Ami for dropping by =) Oh yes, The Pianist, magnificent =) I am glad you liked the list =) It gives me joy to share these as we can all appreciate cinema regardless of what language it originated from =) Thanks again.

  4. what an awesome list of movies. I am not hoping to see a few of these. Thank you so much of opening our eyes to so much more. I think we forget movies exist and some pretty darn good ones from what I see above. So much better than T.V. Thanks again

    1. hi Merry, thank you for visiting =) I am glad you like the compilation. These are actually hidden gems that are absolutely fantastic to watch =) Thanks again =)

  5. My wife learned to speak French when she was in high school, (many years ago)! We enjoy watching foreign films so she can pretend she still knows how to speak French. She still can!
    These type of movies really lend to a cozy night for us. Memory makers. There are a few on your list here we will enjoy. Even if they are not in French:)

    Thanks you!

    1. hi Mark, thanks for dropping by =) It’s great to know that your wife speaks French. I totally agree with you that these movies are good late night movie staycation dates with our wifeys. That’s also one of our beautiful routines =) In the list, there are notable French films. It is my happiness to know that you’ll enjoy it =) Thanks again bro =)

  6. Thanks for this list. I am always struggling to find a good movie to watch, as I am not well-versed in them. I will keep this bookmarked so I have no excuse not to see some classics!

    1. Hi Anika, thanks for visiting =) That’s awesome. I am glad the list helped. There are a lot of great movies, often from another country. =) Enjoy watching =)

  7. I Daniel Blake.. I saw the trailer too that at the movies and thought to myself ‘that’s a must see’.
    And it is such a great movie.
    What I didn’t know was that it was in the cannes film festival.
    I’ve seen a lot of those films and it pushes the actors and directors to a whole nother level.
    I would recommend pulp fiction, such an awesome classic.

    1. hi Charlotte, thanks for visiting =) All these Palme d’or winners are such a joy to watch =) Compiling this made me appreciate all of them even more… thanks again =)

  8. Hey, great article! Love to watch movies, but it is always difficult to find qualitative ones I haven´t seen yet. This list includes quite a few those though, so thank you for the info!

    1. Hi Chief, thank you for dropping by =) I am glad you liked the list as this can be one stop shop for all these Palme D’ Or greats =) Thanks again =)

  9. I see that you are recommending these movies cannot say if I have ever watched any of them but they seem to be movies of interest. If I can come across some of these I think I will give it a shot. I love to hear how French people speak especially when they are speaking English.

    1. hi Norman, thanks for the visit =) I invite you to watch some of them. Just hearing the actors speak their mother tongue is mesmerizing. Moreover, each country represents a different storytelling style and this is a big cultural experience =) Thanks again Norman =)

  10. What an extensive list of great movies! Thank you so much for shedding some light on these great movies for our viewing. I plan to check some of them out!

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