Product Review: The One Hour Translation

English is the universal business language established in more than 100 countries. However, do you know that the English language remains only as the third most spoken first language of native speakers, trailing behind Chinese and Spanish?

According to Ethnologue, a well-respected and widely used reference by linguists, Chinese remains as the top in the number of most spoken first language speakers in the world.

You are fortunate that you can read this article because of its English language text. But what if this was in Chinese, or Spanish, or Italian, will you still appreciate it? I bet you’ll just ignore this and move on a text that is familiar and easy to understand

That is why, I am very happy to share one of my most trusted online translation companies, the ONE HOUR TRANSLATION (OHT).

professional translation services


What is the One Hour Translation?


Simply put, they are the World’s Largest Online Translation Agency and the fastest in terms of results.

professional translation services


Is it affordable?

Oh yes, absolutely! I have searched for countless translation companies and their rates are one of the most affordable ones.

How about Translation Quality?

OHT accredits only professional translators so you are assured that your translated document was vetted and it passed through strict and careful review.

Can I be a Translator for OHT?

If you have an experience as a professional translator, OHT is encouraging you to apply to join their growing pool of translators all over the world.

What is excellent about the company is that they are one of the highest paying online translation companies in the world.


If you are looking for a reliable online translation company, the One Hour Translation is one of the best.

If you wish to add additional income and share your translation services, the One Hour Translation is also one of the best.

Try their services. Join the team. Try the One Hour Translation.

professional translation services


Personal note – I can truly vouch for their excellent services because aside from having used their services, I am also part of their pool of professional translators =)

20 Replies to “Product Review: The One Hour Translation”

  1. Great article!
    Can they really provide translations within an hour? or is that just their brand name? I bet it also depends on the length of the article I want to translate…?

    1. hi Paulina, thanks for dropping by =) Yes, they can provide translations within an hour for a 200 word article, that’s guaranteed =) You may want to try in the future =)

  2. I like the website. Lots of great information. Easy to move through. Thanks for providing the world with this information.

  3. Have you had them perform any translations for more technical documents or something more business focused? I sometimes need things translated from English to Chinese, but the documents often use technical words and relatively complex marketing related terminology. Is this something they can support as well?

    1. hi Craig, OHT translators are Professional translators and you can definitely count on them. (on us actually). I am also part of their team. =) For your English to Chinese requirements, I am assuring you that they have very competent professional translators on board. That is one of the advantage of OHT =) You can try them out for a simple text first and see the quality. If you feel that it is worth it, you can then try to request for the longer and more complex ones =)

  4. This is very interesting as I also have a travel website and want to target three non English counties to start with.

    I shall bookmark this and come back to it when I am ready.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Mark, that’s fantastic =) I can personally vouch for The One Hour Translation group. As I’ve shared, not only they are very fast and reliable, their Translators are accredited Professional ones. I suggest you try on small phrases or sentences. It is when you see the quality first hand that you can say that they are one of the best =) Thanks again for visiting =)

  5. Hi JR

    Interesting service, can you be sure that it is translated by humans and not by some sort of software? you know like google translate or something similar? I mean I wouldn’t mind if it was translated by some kind of AI software as long as it is accurate.

    1. hi Minhaj, thank you for visiting =) Yes, I can truly vouch that they employ human translators because I am also part of the company as a Translator =) My language pair is English and Filipino =) The best way to know is to try it out and you’ll see that the quality is superb =) Thank you again =)

  6. This is actually quite helpful. I was thinking about starting up a business which would require some products to be manufactured in China, and this would help me understand any contracts I’d need to sign. Thanks so much for doing all the legwork here!

    1. Hi Penelope, thanks for visiting =) yeah, having a company that will translate your documents will be very helpful =) I am glad this helps =)

  7. This is a very interesting choice for people who are looking for additional income. Do you know when the company first started? And how much experience you require to start working as a translator?

    1. Hi Dira, thanks for visiting. OHT started in 2008 and is one of the leading online translation companies now =) As for being a translator, you must have yourself be accredited by them and most have at least a basic qualification and experience as a professional translator. In my case being one of their translators, I was doing translation work from another company already and it helped in my accreditation =) You can try and visit them and have yourself be accredited =)

  8. Thanks for the review of this company. It’s good to know if I ever require a translation of a document or article that I can contact them with confidence.


    1. Hi Megan, thanks for the visit =) I can truly vouch for this company… and they have thousands of professional translators ready 24/7 =) It is a good option when we want to expand our websites to more international audience =)

  9. This looks like a great service. Living in San Diego, close to the Mexican border, I could use this for Spanish translation. I know a little Spanish, but could always use the help to learn more. Thank you for the information on this service, very helpful.

    1. Hi Tammy, it is my pleasure =) Knowing some Spanish will definitely be a big plus for you =) It will also help as you expand your website to more international audience =)

  10. This is such a good idea !

    There are opportunities out there for people and this is a perfect work from home job for someone who speaks more than one language.

    it is a good service to provide as the world is a smaller place now and business is conducted through businesses based in different countries. The language barrier can be a problem but having a 1 hour service can save a lot of time.

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