The National Anthem, one nation’s identity

One of my fondest memories as a young boy was during our early morning ritual flag raising ceremony in school. In my memory, I can clearly see myself standing tall and proud, with my right palm slightly pressed above my left chest, singing with full valor our Philippine National Anthem.

As I grew up, this same ritual of singing the anthem was repeated when I watch plays, concerts and even last full evening shows in movie theaters.

Interestingly, when our national boxing icon Manny Pacquiao had international fights streamed via Satellite in Manila, Filipinos were constantly exposed to the other countries’ national anthems.

Before the boxing match begins, three national anthems are played. The Philippine National Anthem, the opponent’s national anthem, and that of the usual host, The United States of America’s National Anthem.

Through the years of watching the boxing matches, apart from the nationalism while hearing our national anthem, we have appreciated other countries’ anthems. In fact, with Mexico being the usual opponent of Manny Pacquiao, I must admit that in an instant, if you play the Mexican National Anthem, I can clearly recognize it. This goes the same for the anthem of USA.

Now being abroad here in Doha, I have also appreciated and loved the National Anthem of my host country, Qatar. Hearing their national anthem is now music to my ears and makes me proud of my second home.

In this regard, allow me to share with you a website link that I found where we can appreciate the beauty and the artistry of the melodic national anthem masterpiece of almost all of the countries around the world.

Here is the link –

What’s great about this website is that it also presents the actual text of the anthem in its local language and at the same time, it also provides an English translation for English speaking individuals like us.

The website also gives a brief backstory on how the National anthem evolved from its beginning into where it is now.

Here in, not only we do support written and spoken languages, we also would like to highlight the musical language of all the countries of the world. What a better way to appreciate another countries’ culture and language by hearing and understanding their National Anthems .

After all, the National Anthem is a country’s battle cry, its powerful message of independence to the world, its heart, and its soul.

Enjoy exploring the website link. Enjoy another country’s national anthem.

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  1. Hi, JR
    Interesting article, I didn’t know about this website (about anthems) before. So nice that here I read about it. I will check it.
    How did you even decide to write about it?

    1. Hi Linda, thanks for dropping by. As my site talks about languages, polyglots in particular, it dawned on me that one way to spread the universality of language is thru music. With each nation having their own national anthems, I did a research and viola! I found one =) It is truly satisfying to understand the underlying nationalism of every nation, and by listening and understanding their national anthems, we get to be part of their culture and language =)

  2. Hi JR, wow! your site is very interesting! Like you, I also love languages, so far I speak 3 (Spanish, English and French), and I also try to talk to other people in their own language, I’m always eager to learn so that I can communicate with others, and you’re right! wouldn’t it be great if we could all speak each other language and understand each other?
    Congratulations and thank you for sharing your interests and knowledge of different languages and national anthems!

    1. Hi Ana, thank you for dropping by =) I am very glad to meet you here, a certified polyglot =) It is an honor speaking to one =) It is very interesting that with three languages, you still have the passion for learning more =) Yo estudie Espanyol en la universidad. Yo hablo poco poco Espanyol. I hope I got that right =) Mercii. Muchas Gracias =)

  3. You know, I actually haven’t heard very many national anthems in my life! I’m glad there’s place where I can give a good number of them a quick listen. Thanks for the info!

    1. hi Katie, I am glad you visited my site =) Yeah, it is really interesting to hear most of the national anthems of other countries =) Thank you for the appreciation =)

  4. You are absolutely right every nation is proud of their National Anthem. When I was travelling, I also realized that it is also important in Asia; people give so much importance for it and I think it is a great mission to give a brief backstory about National Anthem. I will definitely wait for more posts.

    1. hi Furkan, Thank you again for visiting =) National anthems truly bring out the nationalism of each country. In Asia, particularly those that were liberated from colonizers, hearing and singing one’s national anthem gives so much pride and happiness =) Thanks again brother =)

  5. What a great resource JR. Every time I watch the Olympics or Commonwealth games, I always wonder what the winners country National Anthem means.

    I can now look it up! Just excellent.

    1. hi Vince, thanks for the visit =) Yeah, finding this resource also made me very happy. Hearing and reading the anthem’s message and history is also a big plus =) Thanks again =)

  6. Thank you JR for posting this subject! The first thing I began to wonder, after reading at the beginning, is whether or not all anthems require the right palm over the left chest! I enjoyed your post and look forward to reading in the future. Thanks again :o)

    1. Hi Paula, thank you for visiting =) I guess there are no strict guidelines as I see some not really putting their palms on their chest. But I guess it is just gesture of respect and heartfelt sincerity. =) Thanks again and I am glad you like the post =)

  7. What a cool website! I think the more we know about each other’s language and culture and values, the smaller and better the world becomes. i have vague memories of learning how to count to 10 in several languages when I was in preschool. that sort of education should be expanded!

    1. Hi Penelope, thanks for visiting =) You said it perfectly. It is hearing, learning and understanding the language of our fellowmen we get to be more connected as one =) Thanks for this.

  8. Hi JR

    Very interesting read. It is always lovely to listen to the different national anthems played at international events such as the Commonwealth and Olympic Games. It’s interesting reading about the different anthems but I wanted to see what it said about Australia. I hadn’t realised that Advance Australia Fair only became the National Anthem in 1984 when I was at the end of primary school – you learn something new every day. Have you seen the version comedian Adam Hills did with it set to Jimmy Barnes’ Working Class Man? Absolute gold! I think we as a nation should convert to that version.

    1. Hi Megan, oh yes. When I found this site, It made me want to listen to all the anthems…hehehe… =) You also made me want to search for the version you shared… =) Thanks again Megan =)

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