UPDATED: Latest Flash Cruise deals – Don’t miss it!

Here in GlobalPolyglots.com, we strive to bring you the best cruise deals so you can enjoy traveling the world to meet new people and to learn new languages. Whether they are last minute Alaska Cruise deals or Mediterranean Cruise deals, we’ve got it covered.

Here are the very latest cruise deals from our travel partner,


4 Night Baja Mexico Cruises from $193 on Carnival, only at Cruisedirect.com! Free Upgrades, Plus Up to $500 to Spend On Board!

this 4-night Baja Mexico Cruise offer by Carnival Cruise Line expires on October 11, 2018

7 Night Alaska Cruises from $1,799 on Oceania Cruises, only at Cruisedirect.com! Early Booking Discounts, Plus Exclusive Up to $1,000 to Spend On Board!

this 7-night Alaska Cruise offer by Oceania Cruises expires on October 11, 2018

7 Night Mediterranean Cruises from $671 on Royal Caribbean, only at Cruisedirect.com! Exclusive Up to $1,000 to Spend On Board, Plus Exclusive 10% OFF Shore Excursions!

this 7-night Mediterranean Cruise offer by Royal Caribbean expires on October 11, 2018

Hot Deal! 7 Night Mediterranean Cruises from $488 on MSC, only at Cruisedirect.com! Exclusive Up to $1,000 to Spend On Board, Plus 10% OFF Shore Excursions!

this 7-night Mediterranean Cruise offer by Mediterranean Cruises expires on October 11, 2018

10 Night Panama Canal Cruises from $749 on Princess Cruises, only at Cruisedirect.com! Save Up To 40%, Plus Exclusive Up to $1,000 to Spend On Board!

this 10-night Panama Canal Cruise offer by Princess Cruises expires on October 11, 2018

7 Night Transatlantic Cruises from $799 on Cunard, only at Cruisedirect.com! We’ll Pay Your On Board Tips, Plus Up to $1,000 to Spend On Board!

this 7-night Transatlantic Cruise offer by Cunard expires on October 11, 2018

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  1. One pf the things that My wife and I have always dreamed of and that is going on a Cruise. These are really some great deals and these are also some very beautiful places to see. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Norman, thank you for visiting =) I am glad you appreciated the article. It is my simple way of helping everyone find the best deals so they can travel and explore new places =) Enjoy Cruisin’ with the family =)

  2. This site reminds me to take that cruise that I really need sooner rather than later. I was told it was best to book at least a year in advance or a few months before to get the best deals. I like these deals.

    1. hi Tony, thanks for visiting =) Actually, if you will search further, there are some good deals which you won’t need a year to book. Some cruise deals have the last minute deals. If you get to spot that, the cruise can be as early as next week or in three months =) But yeah, the flash deals are amazing and like a flash, they come fast and they go fast too =) Enjoy traveling =)

  3. Hi JR, honestly tell you, my wife does not like large water areas for sailing in them, but I would like at least once to go on such a trip by boat. And I will do it one day. I’ll retain your site

    1. hi Dragi, thanks for visiting =) I truly understand. Hopefully soon, you get to travel on a cruise with your wife as it is one great adventure =) I invite you to visit my other articles, it is actually more of sharing languages to the world =) I just had this travel sharing articles as my way to help others find the best deals to travel the world. It is my belief that one of the best ways to learn a culture and to learn languages is to travel =) Thanks again for the visit =)

      1. Hi JR,
        Yes indeed, there are so many places in the world that is worth to visit and see. It’s a shame people can not ride and see more of these beauties, during his life. For this to achieve, you need time and money. I believe you and I are on track to achieve these things, through these sites. As I wrote in the first comment, as soon I am able to, would not have missed my chance to organize travel through your site. Cheers

        1. Hi Dragi, thanks again for visiting =) I agree that both and time and money is very limiting. I hope through these links, one can find economical ways to travel. It is my joy to have helped many people find these ways. Thank you for considering my website as one of your resources when the travel opportunity comes up =) Thanks again =)

  4. I’ve always wanted to take a cruise!
    I was on holiday once, in Mexico, and in a shop just randomly, I saw my father! We both live in the UK and I didn’t even know he was on holiday! He was on a cruise and was thoroughly enjoying it. Ever since then I’ve wanted to go on one.
    I’ll take a closer look at the ideas on your post!

    1. hi Steve, thanks for dropping by =) I hope I was able to ignite your interest again in cruising =) Your story is amazing. I’ll be totally speechless to see my dad on another country, crusin’ and enjoying… hehehe =) Hope these information help =) Thanks again =)

  5. Oh my goodness, I never have been on a cruise before and have been busting to go to the Bahamas. This is definitely something for the mister and I to check out because the pricing is so good! What do you mean when you up $1000 spend onboard?

    1. hi Manika-Nia, thanks for visiting =) That’s great. Sharing this info inspires me when I make people happy. And yeah, pricing on these flash deals are good catch =) As for up to $1,000 for onboard spending, there are a lot of onboard activities like spa, some cocktails, even casino credits that are not part of the usual fare that is included in the onboard pass. These extra luxuries will be part of the extra deals that will be covered by the up to $1,000 credits =) Enjoy crusin’ =) Enjoy The Bahamas =)

  6. Hi there!
    Great to know that such traveling opportunities still exist, it really warmed my heart as I’m q guy who’s passionate about moving around the globe and seeing places that are new.

    Your idea of this website is great my friend, such articles will absolutely give travelers out there the possibility to do more exploring without much worrying about the costs.

    Thanks very much for sharing the useful knowledge,
    I’ll be hanging around from time to other, so make sure to keep up the good deals coming 😉


    1. hi Ayoub, thanks for visiting =) My articles on travel deals are really just peripheral to my ultimate goal on helping others explore the world, to meet new people and learn new languages =) I realized that by helping others find good deals, they will be inspired more to spread to the horizon =) I invite you to visit my other article on languages =) Thank you brother =) See you here soon =)

  7. Thanks for the info! I have wanted to take my family on a cruise for a while now. I will have to look into these more. Appreciate you sharing this! 🙂

    1. Hi Michael, fantastic! Thanks for visiting =) This is my simple way of helping others explore the world, to meet new people, to meet new cultures, and to learn new languages =)

  8. It’s always been one of my biggest dreams to travel the world and it must be an amazing experience to do it on a cruise ship… I’d love to do it one day! Thanks for sharing these amazing deals Tony!

    1. Hi Emmanuel, thank you for visiting =) I am very glad you find this helpful. I’ll be looking forward for your travel stories soon =) Thanks again =)

  9. My mother really wants a cruise vacation and Norwegian Cruise line seems really interesting. I will definitely suggest it to her. And we like Mediterranean as a whole family so if she does not like Mediterranean Cruises will be the second option.

    1. Hi Furkan, that’s amazing =) Sharing a cruise with our parents will really be very memorable. I’ll be looking forward to your cruise story adventures =)

  10. The wife and I have agree since our first Cruise that they are the absolute best “bang for the buck” for your Holiday

    Now, with this article and information, we can get even more “bang for the buck”!

    1. hi Clyde, thanks for visiting =) That’s fantastic. Cruising is definitely one for the books. With these travel promos, for sure, it will be more than worthwhile =) I’ll be looking forward for your Cruise travel stories =)

  11. My hubby and I have never been on a cruise, but have heard fabulous things from family and friends. Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful, affordable possibilities.

    1. Hi Joanne, that’s fantastic! On face value, it seems that Cruising is expensive. However, great deals, if you find them fast and lucky to have been still available, will make the trip a very affordable one. I am glad I piqued your interest again in Cruising. I’ll be looking forward on your travel stories =)

  12. I like your website. It is clean and your information is good. Cruising is the last easy way for those who wish to be treated as people were in the grander times.

    1. Hi Chappy, thanks for the visit. I am glad you liked my website =) As for Cruising, yeah, before, only the affluent can experience it, but now with value for money deals, we can all experience it to explore the world =)

  13. I’ve always wanted to go on a cruise, but they were all so expensive where I was looking. I guess I just hadn’t looked hard enough, I’m very glad I found your site and am excited to go on my first cruise soon.

    Thanks for putting this together so people like me can afford to do things we love.

    1. Hi Samuel, thanks for dropping by. One of my goals is to help my friends find the best way to travel the world to meet new people and new cultures. Finding an economical way to travel via cruising is definitely amazing. I am glad you find my website helpful =) Thanks again =)

  14. Pretty interesting stuff here for someone looking to travel via cruise. Being on a shoestring budget I can usually only afford to travel from the living room to the refrigerator but this is a wealthy of information. It would of been nice to read some quality content versus just a bunch of links but at least you are cutting through the red tape and dishing out the goods right off the bat. Good information here.

    1. Hi David, thank you for visiting =) I am glad you liked the article. I actually created this article as part of my Travel Promo category to help peeps find better deals to travel and explore the world. I know we all we want to travel and finding affordable deals will boost our desire more. This page is also meant to be this way as I wanted to go straight to the “deal” parts. I invite you to visit my other articles to get an over-all feel of my desire to help spread languages =) Thanks again brother =)

  15. Daer JR, Wow, it is nice as dreams to take the cruise voyage, I and my wife have dream to take course in different locations togeather, in the last to settle in green islands
    haha really nice to do one
    can I get discount for both

    1. HI Isam, thanks for visiting =) Traveling, cruising for that matter, is really a great way to explore the world. I am sure you and your wife will definitely love it. Just visit our travel partner site and you will see tremendous value for money packages. =) Enjoy traveling =)

  16. This is awesome ! My wife and I were just talking about taking a cruise. She has never been out on the ocean, and it has been a while since I have. We have some friends that went on a cruise recently and they loved it. There are a lot of good choices here. Thanks !

    1. Hi Bert, thank you for visiting =) I am glad that you find this very helpful. Traveling especially with our loved ones will truly be very memorable. To make it sweeter, Cruising nowadays, as long as you find the best deal, is now very affordable =) Hope you like the choices here. I constantly update this too so feel free to come back to check out the latest cruisin’ deals =) Thanks again brother =)

  17. These all look like pretty good deals! Are these deals a regular offering or is it because it’s coming up to end of financial year? Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Angela, thanks for visiting =) These are indeed amazing deals. As for their regularity, being flash deals, I believe they are seasonal. Travel companies like Cruisedirect.com, almost always have these special agreements with these cruise companies and they always find the best rates for us. =) I’m looking forward for your cruise stories =)

  18. It looks like some fun cruises. Unfortunately, my wife won’t go on one because she is afraid she will get seasick. I don’t have that problem because of my many years at sea in the Navy. Maybe some day we will find one that she is willing to take a chance on.

    1. Hi Grant, thanks for visiting =) Hopefully soon your wife will agree to celebrate the fun in cruising =) I invite you to come back to this page often as I will always keep this updated. When she is ready, hope you could find the best deals here =)

  19. I’ve been considering a trip to the tropics as it still really hasn’t warmed up here in Chicago yet this year! We’re still in the 50s a lot of nights. Although a heat wave looks to be coming, these look like some excellent deals and I might jump on one before they expire!

    1. Hi Craig, that’s great =) With all these very affordable deals, it will be value for money by taking advantage of it =) I am glad you liked this article. It will always be updated so feel free to visit once in a while =)

  20. Hello JR – I can see Wonderful offers we can chose from the article. Going on a cruise ? trip is always one in my list but never had time to get on with it. After seeing some offers I think I can plan one soon with my family. Thanks for bringing this up and have a great week.

    1. hi Manasir, thanks for visiting =) Knowing that there are affordable cruising deals is a big advantage. We all have this notion that cruising is very expensive, but with travel deals like these, almost everyone can now cruise affordably =) Great to know the information is helpful =) Thanks again =)

  21. Great deals here. Do you ever have deals that come up for cruises that leave from Australia? I’m not really in the market to go on vacation at the moment but will bookmark your page for future if you do.


    1. Hi Linds, thank you for visiting =) I believe there should be, will dig into it and see. Yeah, this post will be constantly updated so feel free to come back anytime to see more exciting deals =) Thanks again =)

  22. I love cruises, i love the sea & i love travelling, A cruise to alaska will definitely be one of my biggest highlights, i have actuallyl been thinking about this trip for a while now and i think i will be taking your offer, it’s very cheap and i feel very excited about it!


    1. Hi Mark, thank you for visiting. That’s amazing. I am glad I’ve helped you find a great way to travel. IT is my aim to help others explore the world =) Thanks brother =)

  23. Hey JR, I enjoyed reading about cruises. I have been on the Carnival 3 times where I traveled to the Bahamas and Mexico. I really enjoyed it. It is all you can eat and to be certain you will find something that you want to eat.
    I think the Carnival is super but I am saving to try another cruise line this time. I will revisit your post so it will help me to decide. Thanks for the information

    1. Hi Luna, thanks for visiting =) That’s amazing. Thank you for your kind words. I invite you to come back often as I will be updating this site always to share the latest cruise deals. It has always been a joy to help friends find the best deals to travel the world =) Thanks again =)

  24. Thank you for sharing this Assume deals,
    two years ago I was planing for a cruise trip but things did not work out. The pricing is really reasonable. you got me thinking to take my family on the 5 Night Caribbean Cruises.

    1. hi Sanyor, thanks for visiting =) I am glad the post ignited your desire to take cruising another shot =) Yeah, the deals are amazing =) Looking forward to your great adventure. Thanks again =)

  25. I have always wanted to go on a cruise but with 4 young children I’m not sure it’s a good idea, are there cruises catering for young children aswell?

    1. Hi Matthew, thanks for dropping by =) Most, if not all, of the cruises, always have a program for children. They even have programs for infants and toddlers. So yeah, just choose the destination and you’ll be cruising safely with your children =) Thanks again and hope you find the best one =)

  26. I love a good cruise. Thanks for the post and the offers. I will definitely spread the word and look into it. Thanks again.

    1. Hi Rob, thanks for visiting =) I am glad you liked the post and it is my happiness when friends share this fantastic information =) We all share the kindness of helping others find the best deals to travel =) Thank you again Rob =)

  27. I am going on a cruise next month and after reading your post, I will certainly be checking out your site for a cruise I am looking to book in February. Thanks for sharing this info.

    1. hi James, thanks for visiting =) I am glad you find this helpful. I am constantly updating this so you are always free to come back when the travel opportunity comes up =) Thanks again =)

  28. Hi there,
    I love cruises myself. You have some very good deals listed here. I see you have partnered with Cruise direct. Were they hard to get signed up with as an affiliate? Just curious. Thanks for the post. Happy cruising!

    1. Hi Tom, thanks for dropping by =) Yeah, I am an affiliate partner of CruiseDirect.com and I am an affiliate thru Flex Offers =) Signing up wasn’t that hard but like other affiliate guidelines, the site must be viable to the partner as well. In my case, part of my blog/website is to inspire others to travel and meet the world so that was plus point in accepting me as a partner =) With your site/blog being a destination travel site. I believe you will also be great partner with them =)

  29. These offers gave me some new ideas about my next travel. I have not visited again any of these places. Is there one that you recommend?

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Ilias, thanks for dropping by =) All the destinations are amazing. It will also depend on your present location. But in general, I’d love the Carribean =) You must try it out too =)

    1. hi Helen, thanks for visiting =) I absolutely agree =) There is this joy in the seas that is a must-see and experience =) Oh and the places and the people, a magnificent feeling to experience =) Thanks =)

  30. Great flash deals! I love cruising and always have another cruise booked while on my current cruise! I just simply can’t get enough of them. They’re truly the best vacation someone can take.

  31. Wow…. As I write this I am with my in-laws who have today just returned from cruising the fjords of Norway. A Google search later and I am delighted to say that I found this post. Some really great bargains here – I just hope I’m not too late. Thanks for sharing.

    1. hi Sean, thanks for visiting =) I am very glad you liked the post. Keep on coming back as I will update this post every time =) Thanks again =)

  32. JR, you make me think. A cruise like the one mentioned,:) 10 Night Caribbean Cruises from $589 on Norwegian Cruise Line! BONUS DAYS: Up to $1,500 to Spend On Board, $50 per Person Deposits, & FREE Drinks, FREE Specialty Dining!, would be something I should offer my wife in the near future. Not even for the cultural aspect but just for fun. This price is not high at all for ten days.
    What visas do we need for a Swiss with a Thai wife?
    greetings Stefan

    1. hi Stefan, thanks for visiting =) Oh yes, they indeed have sweet bargains =) for the visa, I guess it will depend on the destination =) As I only lead you to the site, feel free to message or call Cruise Direct directly =) Thanks again =)

  33. I’ve around the world on an airplane 3 times. Once when i was in the military and the other times i was headed to Thailand and the Philippines but i’ve never been on a ship. I’ve been so close to hitting the confirm button on a few other website but i just can’t seem to do it because of the price.

    I decided to keep doing my research and now here i am. I’m not sure where i want to go now haha.

    I like all the options you have available. I’ve always wanted to explore the Caribbean. I’ve watched loads of documentaries. I feel like the scuba would be the best there.

    As the for “cash to spend on board” what sort of things would i be able to use that on? That seems like an easy way to save a lot of money. What’s the catch?

    1. Hi Justin, thanks for visiting =) Cruisin’ is awesome. You should try it at least once. I’d bet after your first, you would want another trip =) As for the “cash to spend on board”, it is like discounts or vouchers of a promo so there is really no catch. It is their way to inspire you to book with them as part of your loyalty, Different voyages and cruise lines offer varying promos and you would love each and every one of them =) Hoping to hear your Cruise stories soon =) Thanks again brother =)

  34. Great article my friend. I’m happy to see one of my favorite places on this list! The Bahamas is currently my favorite place to travel and I can’t wait to go there again soon. I’m going to bookmark this page, share it with my best friend and check out the rest of your site. Thanks a bunch!

    1. Hi Brandon, thanks for the visit =) Oh yes, Bahamas… I have to admit I haven’t been there but I’ve read and seen stories and pictures of it and it is definitely in my bucket list =) Thanks for bookmarking. My site is more than cruises and travel. Hope you’ll enjoy exploring it. Super thanks =)

  35. I’m so glad I found this resource, I’m price shopping for an Alaskan cruise. My friend has NEVER been on one before, and it’s something I have to fix asap. I also want an excuse to go back to Alaska, but on the cheap…since it’s a really pricy place to visit. thanks again for your research here.

    1. hi Penelope, thanks for visiting. I am glad you find this very helpful =) CruiseDirect.com has several other promos to offer, you can hover around their website also. Thanks again and enjoy cruisin’ =)

  36. Hi JR, you really make me wanna go on one of these tours. Too bad at the moment I cant open the links but I will try later again. the offer to the Bahamas is too enticing, even more now I cant see the details.
    What I do not understand is the meaning of the up to 1000$ spending money on board if the price is only 170$.
    Thanks for the tips, I’ll be back soon

    1. Hi Stefan, thanks for visiting again =) You can try again the links and they are working fine =) The trips and its prices are really enticing =) As for the perks of spending money on board, they are like consumable vouchers, if you visit the link, the higher amount you purchase or the higher cabin rate you purchase, the higher the vouchers will be =) That is a great come-on promotional offer which is exclusive to CruiseDirect.com =) Hope you get to hop on one too soon =) Thanks Stefan =)

      1. Hi JR again
        Really now everything works fine. I went into the details and had to learn, the promotional benefits can only be received by US and Canadian citizens, not for me:( .
        Anyways, the deals are great and I will just have to share the site with all my US friends.
        Good luck to you and see you soon.

        1. Hi Stefan, great to hear from you again =) I did check and most of the vouchers are indeed applicable for US and Canadians, but I believe the rates are applicable to all who will purchase in CruiseDirect.com =) Thanks for this heads-up =)

  37. These look like awesome deals! The weather is getting cold and it’s getting to be time to get on a cruise ship and go to a beautiful beach! I can’t believe some of these prices are so low. Thanks again for the info.

    1. Thank you for dropping by again Penelope =) Yeah, time to hit to cruise again… usually, the rates way go more affordable as the cold season comes that’s why now is the best time to bargain on one =) Enjoy =)

  38. Hi JR

    My kids and I went on a Vanuatu and New Caledonia cruise last year and LOVED it. We are definitely wanting to do another one and our dream is an Alaskan cruise. We debated doing one in 2018 but have decided to visit the UK instead to see some elderly family members whilst we still can. However, the Alaskan Cruise is definitely on the bucket list!


    1. Wow, it must have been a very memorable one =) and yeah, the Alaskan Cruise is also on my bucket list… I am also looking forward to it =)

  39. Your article does provide useful information about travel destinations and cheapest prices. I went to Disney World in Florida a long time ago and it was one of the best times of my life. Right now, I wish that I had the time and money to do more traveling.

    1. Hi Roger, thanks for visiting =) I am glad you like this information on travel =) More than traveling, it is exploring the world and meeting new people will be the ultimate goal =) And I love Disney World.. I’ve been to Disney California and I had the best time of my life too =) Cheers to more travelling =)

  40. I’m really interested in traveling to Alaska again and doing it by cruise ship sounds like a smart plan. I hear it’s really expensive up there, I guess because they have to import all of the food? Thanks for the great tips on a good price!

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