International Book: Harry Potter

From British author J.K, Rowling comes one of the best-loved fantasy series of all time, Harry Potter. Relive the journey of young Harry Potter as he discovers his place in the magical Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Meet Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Mr. Dumbledore, his nemesis Lord Voldemort, and more interesting fantastical characters. All of these, spoken and shared in your native language. May it be a native language resource book or a gift for a friend, having one of these in your own language makes it one memorable book to keep. View the various international versions and enjoy. Check-out is powered by Amazon =)

Spanish Version

English Version

Chinese Version

French Version

Italian Version

Arabic Version

Japanese Version

Portuguese Version

Swedish Version

Korean Version

Polish Version

Latin Version

Russian Version

Filipino Version

German Version

Hindi Version

Hebrew Version

Vietnamese Version

Ukranian Version

Dutch Version

Thai Version



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16 Replies to “International Book: Harry Potter”

  1. I had no idea there were so many different cover arts for this book! Love the layout and the idea behind the site, best of luck to you.

    1. Hi Matt, thank you for passing by. Like you, I was also surprised that it has been translated into many languages. Now it can be read by more people. =) Thanks again =)

  2. Our whole household are massive Harry Potter fans,
    We’ve seen all the films and between us have read all the books.
    We’ve even got the Harry Potter edition of trivial pursuit and have visited the warner bros. studios for the tour.
    It’s amazing how much of a global phenomenon it has become!
    Good work,
    Keep spreading the word

    1. Wow, that’s amazing Paul =) Visiting the Warner Bros.’ Studio is on my bucket list, I’m so looking forward visiting it someday =) And yes, it has been a global phenomenon and seeing it translated in multiple languages make it extra special =) Thanks for dropping by =)

  3. Great, so many Harry Potter versions. What I was wondering, is there also a audio version available? Me and I think many others prefer to listen to books. I like to listen to books when I go to bed.
    Thanks for the post, hope to hear from you

    1. hi Clywd, thanks for dropping by =) I checked and there is a Welsh and Ancient Greek version of Philosopher’s Stone. I have now added the copies above. You may check them above. Thank you for mentioning it. Thanks again =)

  4. I didn’t realize this book was translated into so many different languages. I’m thinking these books would be wonderful to give to a library or school library where there is a lot of diversity. What a nice gift idea too for a collector!

    1. Hi Linda, thanks for dropping by. I absolutely agree with you. These translated versions are magnificent collections in countries around the world. Though we may think English is widely read and spoken, there are far more native Chinese and Spanish speakers who do not really read much of the English texts. Having these translations brings out more of the fantasy we all love to many nationalities. Again, thanks for dropping by =)

  5. Wow I’ve read all the books. I’ve seen all the movies. I thought I understood the impact the Harry Potter books we’re making but really that was just in our culture America in my culture. Impressive on multiple more scales as it is not just in English. Very very cool. I don’t know of any other book series that has made the kind of impact these have.

    1. Thanks Joys for visiting. Yeah, having multiple translated versions of the Harry Potter book series broadens the universality of the book. And I believe, as what others have said, there are some interesting nuances introduced in the translated versions. Some words for sure do not have direct English translations so by translating it in the local dialect, the imagery is assimilated in the culture. These show the power of translated versions, and this is what makes these books a gem to find. Again, thanks for passing by. Hope you can read the other articles too =)

  6. I love the Harry Potter books!!! I’ve read every single one. I even read the lasted one. Didn’t like it as much as the others, but I’m definitely a Potter Fan. I haven’t read ‘Fantastic Beasts’ yet, I hear its amazing. I saw the movie though and I loved that, so I’m hoping the book is just as amazing 🙂

    1. hi Kristy, thank you for visiting =) The Harry Potter series really touched many of us. Knowing that it has been translated into many languages, it gives me immense joy because non-English speakers will also enjoy the amazing stories =) Thanks again =)

  7. I loved the movies but what books I have read are so much better as you can play out the story in your imagination.

    after visiting Harry Potter world in Universal Studios it felt like the books I had read had come to life and more so thanks to the books.

    the artwork for each book is so unique and adventurous.

    1. Hi Darren, thanks for visiting =) That’s awesome. I also love the books and what a beautiful way of sharing it by having it translated into various languages =) Thanks again bro =)

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