International Book: Guess How Much I Love You

Written by Sam McBratney and Illustration by Anita Jeram, this is a classic children's storybook that shares the bond between a parent and a child. A book that has been shared from generation to generation, it speaks about the purity of love and how it is manifested thru the eyes of the parent and the child. May it be a native language resource book for your children or a gift for a friend, having one of these in your own language makes it one memorable book to keep. View the various international versions and enjoy. Check-out is powered by Amazon =)

French Version

English Version

Spanish Version

Arabic / English Version

Chinese Version

Korean Version

Russian Version

German Version

Vietnamese Version

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4 Replies to “International Book: Guess How Much I Love You”

  1. One of my favorites of all time. I read this with my 4-year-old daughter all the time. She just loves this book and can’t get enough of Little Nutbrown Hare. I highly recommend it for all parents with young children. It has helped both my daughter and myself express our feelings and be proud to show our love.

    1. Hi Patrick, thank you for dropping by. I agree with you. This is also the favorite of my two kids that’s why from the many books that I plan to share, this book was one of the firsts that I did a research about. I was very happy that it has been translated into many languages. Now, it can be read by more people who speak different languages. And I also agree that like you, this book has helped me and my kids, together with my wife, express our feelings about love. Thanks again bro =)

  2. I’ve been hunting for the right gift for my friend’s 5 year old daughter, and I think this might be it! Thanks for the great tip 🙂

    1. Hi Penelope, I am glad I was able to share this very interesting book =) This is still one of the favorite books of my children =)

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