Fantastic Flight Safety Videos around the world

We all love to travel. Exploring the world is part of our human DNA. We travel thru land, sea, and air. Soon enough, we might even conquer the outer space. One key aspect of traveling is safety. Transportation companies, such as airlines, invest their time and creative minds to share with us its importance. Here in, we scoured thru the various Flight Safety Videos of various international airlines to not only show us the importance of flying safely in an airline but also to showcase the diverse languages spoken and how each company, its home country for that matter, creatively executes it to literally keep us attentive on our flight seats. Learn from the videos. Be astounded by its creativity. Enjoy the beautiful languages.

Note – does not endorse directly the airlines featured. We just want to share the flight safety videos and their beautiful languages so we may all appreciate its beauty and its safety related information.

Thai Airways

Thai and English


German and English

Air France

French and English

Japan Airlines

Japanese and English (subtitles)

Air China

Mandarin and English

Etihad Airways

Arabic and English


Spanish and English

Pakistan International Airline

Urdu and English

Asiana Airlines

Korean and English

Vietnam Airlines

Vietnamese and English

LATAM Airlines

Spanish and English

Turkish Airlines

Turkish and English

12 Replies to “Fantastic Flight Safety Videos around the world”

    1. hi James, thanks for visiting =) That’s awesome =) Air New Zealand’s flight safety video is indeed epic =) Thanks for sharing =)

    1. Hi Maria, thanks for visiting =) They truly are great to watch. We may not be able to fly in all of these airlines but it’s such a joy to watch their videos and hear the beautiful sound of their languages =) Thanks again =)

  1. These are super fun. I love flight safety videos! It’s a tough balance, being informative and addressing the serious possibility of a crash and firey death, and then keeping it light and entertaining. Awesome to see so many different cultural approaches 🙂

    1. Hi Penelope, thanks for the visit =) Oh yes, I truly agree. The tough balance on making us appreciate the videos on something we actually don’t want to happen in real life =) But yeah, these also show the various cultural representations of each country =) Thanks again Penelope =)

  2. These are great videos. I especially like the animated one for Japan and enjoy listening to the different languages even though I have no idea what they’re saying! Glad they include the English version for reading. 🙂 Great post, thank you!

    1. Hi Tammy, Thanks for visiting =) I am glad you liked it. IT is truly interesting to hear the spoken sound of various languages =) Thanks again =)

  3. The Level of detail in this post is brilliant!

    The videos are very good and it’s interesting to see various versions from other countries.

    I agree with Tammy, The Japan is my favorite as well!

    On a serious note it is vitally important that one pays attention to these videos.

    1. Hi Darren, thanks for visiting =) Yeah, I agree that paying attention to these is really the most important. It’s truly interesting how each airline with their own specific style can get our attention =) Thanks again brother =)

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