Disney’s “Let It Go” in different languages

The well-loved and iconic Disney song “Let it Go” is now being sung and performed in several languages. Composed by real-life couple Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, “Let it Go” won the Academy Award for Best Original Song in 2014 and the Grammy Award for Best Song Written for Visual Media in 2015. Here in GlobalPolyglots.com, we wish to share with you the beauty of the song in several languages. Be mesmerized. Relive the song. Hear “Let It Go” in different languages. Which version is your favorite? Share your thoughts below.



Latin Spanish




Brazilian Portuguese
























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  1. I love this song ‘let it go’. I have listened to this song over and over again and I can’t seem to get it out of my head. My son can actually sing this song from top to bottom! He loves singing it everyday. It is indeed a beautiful song. Apart from the English version, I like the french version too but my favorite is the Latin version; thanks so much for sharing.

    1. hi Bea, thank you for visiting =) The song really left a great impact especially to children and children-at-heart like us =) The French and Latin Spanish version is indeed amazing =) Thanks again =)

  2. OH MY GOSH! I love Frozen! I seriously went through and listened to all of the “Let It Go” videos in all the different languages! Thank you 🙂

    1. hi Bailey, you are very welcome =) thank you for visiting =) It is great to hear that you listened to all… aren’t they all lovely? =) It just gives me immense joy hearing a favorite song sung in many languages =)

    1. hi Jamin, thanks again for visiting =) I absolutely agree with you… what is interesting is that listening to all these, though we don’t understand fully the text that each singer is saying, we still feel one with the music… and as you say, it conquers all and it makes it a universal language =) Fantastic! =) Thanks again =)

  3. Hi, JR
    Nice article. I really like this song. I am not sure which version is my favorite one, I enjoyed it all. How the same song can sound so different! It is so interesting! Listening Chinese version I had a little sentiment. I enjoyed learning Chinese language, feeling nostalgic that I am not studying it anymore. I know that I will learn the Chinese language again in the future.
    What is your favorite one?
    Thank you for this nice article!

    1. Hi Linda, thanks again for visiting =) I am very glad that you enjoyed listening =) Yeah, I also love listening to the Mandarin version =) Two of my favorites are the Korean version and hee Tagalog version (love our own, hehehe). The Korean version sounds like I know the language, but not… that kind of feeling =) For the Filipino version, aside from knowing what the message mean meant, it just gives me immense happiness because it is a little bit spot on =) Thanks again Linda =)

  4. Very good post filled with a lot of good and informative information. I am sure that your readers will love what you are sharing and they will learn a lot from what you are offering.

    1. Hi Norman, thank you for visiting =) I am very happy that you liked the compilation =) It is my goal to introduce new languages to everyone and reading your message is a great boost of confidence =) Thank you again =)

  5. That is adorable! That song sounds so awesome in all those languages. I liked Arabic and Chinese Mandarin the best.

    Thank you for your hard work on this!!

    1. Hi Irma, thank you for dropping by =) The Arabic and Mandarin version are very beautiful versions indeed =) I am very glad you liked the compilation article =) I’m inviting you to visit the other articles, you might find beautiful articles about languages too =) Thanks again =)

  6. I love this song! They made a great job in many languages! I love the greek version of all Frozen songs! They always make awesome songs! I also like the French and Italian version! Nice article! I really enjoy it! Thanks for sharing! 🙂
    Best wishes,

    1. hi Rebecca, thank you for visiting =) I also love the French and Italian version… though I amy not fully understand everything, just hearing and immersing with language is great feat in itself =) I am glad you liked the compilation =) Thanks again =)

    1. hi B =) Thank you for dropping by =) I am very happy you liked it… I actually heard the Korean version first then thought it might be a great way to share it with everyone… I ended up sharing all of these =) It’s really amazing how the universal language of music touches our hearts whatever language we may speak =) Thanks again =)

  7. Thank you! We love this song, we find it to be so full of passion. Now I can show my kid all the different videos in different languages, and maybe get him to learn a foreign language too 🙂

    1. Thank you Moon for dropping by =) It is interesting how these new versions will help jumpstart a possible way of learning new languages. If ever that happens, it will be an honor to have helped them be inspired to learn a new language. =) Thanks again =)

  8. I loved listening to this song from Frozen in different languages. The song Let it go is such a popular song so it is really cool all these languages are offered. Out of the ones I listened too I really liked Vietnamese.

    1. hi Robert. thank you for visiting =) The Vietnamese version is indeed very lovely =) I am happy you appreciated all of the songs =) Thanks again =)

  9. Love the different languages. My kids have always been Disney fans. And different languages is excellent. Thanks for sharing as we can expose them to world views.

    1. Hi Brian, thank you for visiting =) I am glad we share the same appreciation of various languages. hearing the same song but on different languages makes it one excellent way to expose our children with different languages around the world =) Thanks again =)

  10. I am not particularly a fan of this song as I have 4 boys and thank God because if I had any girls I think I would of had to endure many many hours of her singing this song over and over.lol..having said that I can see this page is very very well researched and brilliantly put together and for that I applaud you.keep up the good work sir.

    1. hi Matthew, thank you for visiting =) I am glad you appreciated the compilation… your boys may like the song too… just let them hear the song in Korean or in Vietnamese..lol =) There is something in the various languages that makes the song very attractive =) Thanks again brother =)

  11. Wow, Let It Go is amazing in all languages.
    Thanks for posting this and I’ve shared this with a few friends that would appreciate it also.
    Some don’t see it but this song means much more than what it might even seem.


    1. Hi Damien, thank you for dropping by =) I am very glad you liked and for sharing this with friends =) This song is really special and there’s more than meets the eye =) Thanks again =)

    1. hi Paulina, thank you for dropping by =) It is truly beautiful hearing a familiar song being sung in a different language… it feels magical! =) Thanks again =)

  12. I have listened to this song in different languages and the tune still remains the same. What a beautiful song, that is !
    I love the meaning of the song. So inspiring and encouraging, to just let go. Sometimes, we do not perform to our maximum capacity because of rules put in place or we are limited due to our own insecurities and lack of confidence.
    What this song does is to give us back that confidence. It gives us a nudge to say just let go.
    Do you think more language are going to be added to include Shona?

    1. Hi Femia, thanks for sharing your thoughts. More than the beautiful melody, its message is indeed very inspiring =) To top it all, it is heavenly to hear it in your own language =) For adding other languages, for sure more will be added and I am looking forward to it too =) Thanks again Femia =)

  13. My child loves Frozen. And she is trying to learn different languages so she will love being able to listen to it in the language she is learning. Thanks for posting!

    1. Hi Kayla, oh wow! =) I am glad you liked this compilation =) It shows that even if sung in another language, the same emotion and feeling is conveyed. Personally, I was fascinated with the Korean version. It was mesmerizing to listen to =) Thanks again Kayla and hope you and your daughter enjoy the rest of the versions =)

  14. I really loved your post. My daughter Kija loves Frozen and “let it go” is her all time favorite song. She also enjoys listening her favorite song in other languages and the best part is she puts her all effort to understand and try to sing in the language she listens, she doesn’t care what language is it, she just try to follow the lyrics 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Sarah, thank you for visiting =) It’s great you liked this. It’s also good to know that “Let It Go” is part of the family’s music =) There is a “Kija” in all of us =) It’s great to know that Kija on her young age appreciates other languages too. Like my daughter, Lauren. though I know she doesn’t fully understand what those words meant yet, it’s the fascination that would eventually make her appreciate it is all that matters =) Thank you too again =)

  15. It is a coincidence! Just yesterday when my daughter came back from school and tuned in to her favourite channel this movie was playing and the moment this song started, she too started singing along, loud and energetic. since then, it is stuck in my head, too. Lovely song. And to see that it is in so many other languages is amazing. The world has shrunk so much, it is literally available in 6″ x 3″ device called the smartphone.
    Thank you for sharing all the language versions…As of now I have only heard the English and hindi version…and English stands out, though hindi isn’t a bad copy.

    1. Oh yes! Thanks Deepika. The world is literally in the palm of our hands. There is too much to learn from the devices we have now and the spread of communication and information is lightning fast. Sharing these various versions will make us hear the beauty of how another language sounds. Though we may not fully comprehend, just the sheer joy of hearing it and being exposed to it makes us one as a global community =) Thanks again Deepika and it’s nice to know your daughter likes the songs too =)

  16. Awww! I love the song. My first language is Polish so I am a big fan of this version. But as well – I love the Japanese one.
    I love Disney! about 2,5 years ago I was in Paris, in Disneyland and at some point there was a parade there were many Disney characters taking part in it but in the first place, there was the carriage with Ana and Elsa and they played “Let it go” while the show was taking place 🙂

    1. hi Gosia, wow, so you must have been ecstatic hearing the Polish version =) I had the same giddiness when I heard the Tagalog version as it was my mother tongue. Truly, music is the universal language and it transcends thru different languages =) Thanks again for visiting =)

  17. This song brings a unique joy to the heart. There was a peace I felt inside me. Wow. In so many languages just makes me see the beauty of diversity. This is awesome. I first listened to the English of course and of course, I love Mandarin and Japanese.

    Thanks for putting this together

    1. Hi Gifty, the pleasure is mine =) I am very happy you liked the compilation. Sharing love and peace across languages and culture is one of the aims of my website. I am glad it touched your heart =) Thank you Gifty =)

  18. I am a 30-year-old child when it comes to loving animated movies.
    Though this movie and song have never grabbed me as a fan I do know every word thanks to my buddies little girls having it on repeat.
    When the TV was switched off they would take over and become little pop starts themselves.
    Needless to say, the movie was a huge success and really has implanted itself in the memories of our children.

    1. Hi Jean, thanks for visiting =) This song and the movie as a whole truly captured a global audience. It is actually interesting to know and hear it in another language as it gives us a local feel =) Thanks again brother =)

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