Best Commercials around the World

There are moments when our consumer habits are influenced by what we see on television. We tend to have brand loyalty and trust only things that seem familiar. Here in, we have scoured thru the vast array of international commercials and handpicked those that best exemplifies our advocacy that we may all speak different languages, but it is thru world-class presentations of visual mediums, we can all convey wonderful global messages. Get ready to laugh, to cry, to be awed and to be mesmerized, as we present to you our top picks of international commercials. Share your thoughts below too. If you have watched a great one that is not on the list, feel free to share it in the comments too and let's add them here. Help build our list of best commercials around the world =)

Note – does not endorse directly the products shown. We just want to share that language is not a barrier and by watching commercials spoken and presented in different languages, we may all appreciate its beauty and its culture related information.


German and English


Filipino and English



Peppermint Field Inhaler




National Cancer Institute










VTV Cab (Vietnam Cable)


Soy Joy


Andes Beer


Graubünden Tourism


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  1. Very nice presentation. These commercials were pretty touching. I loved them all except the cancer one was really sad and hard to watch. But all were good at showing that we all have the same humor or same sadness no matter what language it is in. Nice post.

    1. Hi Ronnie, thank you for dropping by =) I am glad you liked all of these. I chose this topic because as you said, we are all one regardless of what language we speak =) I also believe in that =) Thanks again =)

  2. I tell you what, Thailand seems to have some of the best commercials I’ve ever seen :).

    That being said, I will freely admit that the German Coastguard commercial is by far one of the funniest things I’ve seen in my life. I saw it eight years ago at a work training event and still quote it all the time.

    Have you ever seen this one?

    1. hi Craig, thanks for visiting =) I agree with you… Thais are really amazing when it comes to commercials… even their “long format” ones are captivating =) I love the link that you sent. I’ll incorporate it in this site. If you notice, two here are Thai commercials because I absolutely love them, but adding a third one is a sure fire. I also love it =) and the Berlitz commercial… it floored me into laughter… brilliant concept! =) Thanks again brother =)

  3. These commercials are great! They touch all of your emotions. I think it nice to see different levels from diferent cultures. Some are very sad. Some are hilarious. I wouldn’t mind having DVD of these.
    I look forward to seeing more.

    1. hi Mark, thanks for visiting =) While doing a list of my favorite ones, I was surprised with the vast amount of fantastic commercials around the world. I’ll definitely add more. Actually, if you have seen one that you absolutely adore, feel free to share it here and I’ll include it too =) Thanks again =)

  4. sometimes, the regular commercial can brainwash our mind, e.g think of the soft drink, it is Coke or Pepsi, what are other brands, there are to stay like 100plus. I alway try something new to me instead of sticking to the same old brand.

    1. Hi Jamin, thanks for visiting =) You’re spot on. Most of the commercials have this ability to make us believe that they are the only ones that will benefit us. I am like you, I also try other brands that are not that popular but equally great =) Thanks again =)

  5. Hi JR,
    Great picks on the commercials. IMHO, language is only one of the forms to get a message through. I think from our hearing and seeing senses, it is how something make us feel that determines whether the message is successfully conveyed.

    I think this applies to music as well. We could be listening to a song in foreign language that we don’t understand, but how the singer performs the song makes a great difference on whether it’s just a great melody or it’s a great song that touches us.

    1. Hi Alex, thanks for the great comment. I agree with your statement that language can be one of the forms and it is thru emotion and feeling both in visual and audio communication that determines the success in conveying the messages. I also agree that music can be a great medium too =) With that, I also invite you to visit one of my articles in music – This will show how music though spoken in different languages can truly emit the same feeling and emotion that we all love. Thanks again Alex =)

  6. Hello and thanks for sharing, these commercial are pretty funny. Regardless of our nationality, we all have the same mindset. We laugh, we cry, we play. Thanks for sharing and for causing me to smile. All the best to you. Your did and awesome job with your post.

    1. hi Norman, thanks for visiting =) It is my happiness to share a good dose of laughter to my friends. You said it right. Regardless of our nationalities, we all have one global heart that laugh, cry and play. That is one of my advocacies, for us to appreciate various languages to bridge the gap in understanding one’s cultures. Thanks again brother =)

  7. Great Idea to share worldwide commercials, creative indeed!

    You know, I never really thought that commercials are a way to share culture, but I only discovered that today while watching some on your article.

    I like the Thai one!
    These guys are freaking funny, a whole 4 mins commercial, and for what??
    A mint inhaler, now that was Hilarious!! Lol

    Thank you for sharing this, my friend,
    I’ll certainly share it my turn!


    1. hi Ayoub, thanks again for the visit. That’s fantastic. I am very glad that you liked it. It is indeed through these commercials we can get to know and understand an aspect of the culture of the place where it is presented. The Thai one, absolutely hilarious! The Thais are great in doing “long format” ones. They have a lot actually. I just chose two of my favorite ones. But soon, I’ll add more =) Shukran Jazilan! =)

    1. hi Irma, oh yes, I think I’ve played that clip more than 20 times already and I can’t help “sinking” about it… hahahaha =) It was a good laugh! Thanks =)

  8. What a great compilation of commercials from around the world! That last one in Mandarin for Michelin was touching. Makes me want to drop everything and travel around the world. And the Dutch one…ewwww…was totally not expecting that! Was that really aired on TV?!

    1. hi Katie. thanks for visiting =) I also was touched with the Michelin one. For the Dutch one, it was so hilarious! The only ones who can verify if it aired in their local TV are our Dutch visitors here in our site. But I guess, different countries have various liberality in their commercials. For conservative ones, like my country, the Philippines and most Arab nations, this will not pass for open public TV airing. However, most countries in the West and European countries won’t mind such a very open and funny commercial.Thanks again and I am glad you liked the article =)

  9. You sure know how to make a girl cry! But I loved being able to see that at our core, we all experience basic human emotions no matter what language we speak! Thanks so much for sharing! This is definitely a must share and must see!

    1. hi Kayla, thanks for visiting =) That was so sweet of you. I am also touched how you described it. It is truly in our core as humans to be touched with emotions regardless of our language. IT is thru these visual mediums we appreciate the beauty of the messages =) Thank you for the compliment =)

  10. It just shows how creative advertising companies can be. This compilation is great and these commercials very memeroble.
    Thanks for sharing JR

    1. Hi Vince, thanks for the visit =) I absolutely agree. The creative teams are fantastic. They are able to communicate their message to a universal audience =) Thanks brother =)

  11. Coca cola commercial was funny I actually saw it years ago but forgot all about it. And it was really interesting to watch commercials in different languages. I normally don’t do it but it truly gives interesting and new perspectives.

    1. Hi Furkan, it was definitely hilarious. The ad is so smart that everytime you watch a football game and there is a goal…. the long GOOAAALLL shout will remind you of Coca-Cola… very brilliant move =) Thanks again for the visit =)

  12. Hi JR
    That’s a funny post. It is unbelievable how much time and energy is invested in making commercials. Is it a sign of the times? The best directors and technic are used to sell things.
    There is a lot to learn from these short movies, easy to understand and touching for people all over the world. Great post thanks.

    1. Hi Stefan, thanks for visiting =) I am glad the post made you smile. And yeah, commercials nowadays are really amazing. The big challenge for the creative teams is to package the messages in a small time frame yet in a very memorable sequence. =)

      1. Hi JR
        I just had to come back to this post once again. It’s too much fun. Did you add some new videos?
        My hair is growing too long, I must tell my wife to buy a men’s shampoo lol.
        Have a good day and keep posting this funny stuff.
        See you Stefan

        1. Hi Stefan, thanks for dropping by again. I actually refreshed some links which were down. Now all is working again =) And yeah, awesome hair growth…hahahaha =) Have a great day too =)

  13. hahaha I absolutely love that dutch one it made me laugh out loud. They’re the type of commercials that will always stick with you, even if they go off tanget about what they’re advertising you remember because they’re so funny or out of the ordinary. Great post !

    1. Hi Kourtney, that’s so nice =) The Dutch one is hands down hilarious! The acting is also superb as the punch line was delivered spot on. It makes you cringe yet it makes you laugh hard. I must admit, it made me stand up from my seat and laugh when I viewed it… hehehe =) Thanks again =)

  14. Hi, JR!
    I usually don’t like commercials, and I always try to avoid them.
    But these commercials you show us seems like small movies. 🙂 Very interesting and emotional!
    Now I see that there can be amazing and great commercials.

    In fact, I also saw some interesting commercials on television. (French, Latvian and English) or (Latvian and English). It made me laugh. 😀

    Thank you for this interesting article! 🙂

    1. Hi Linda, thanks for visiting =) Yeah, there are actually tons of equally amazing ones =) I love the two commercials you shared, thanks for sharing it =) I’ll try to include one of them here =) Thanks Linda =)

  15. I so enjoyed watching those! It’s a pleasure to watch commercials that have a ‘soul’ , they really get their point across. I loved the first one too, that was great for a laugh first thing in the morning!

    1. Hi Linda, I am glad it made you smile on a beautiful morning =) It is really interesting to watch something that is of a different language yet the message it conveys passes thru =) This is what my advocacy is, that though we may speak different languages, we can still communicate for we have one global heart =)

  16. Hi HR. I found the commercials to be both entertaining and educational. The first one kept me laughing. It makes me decide that if I am going to a country that speaks a different language I should learn the basics before I go. You have done a brilliant compilation of them. The variety is awesome.
    Thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Luna, your message is heartwarming =) Learning the basic languages of a certain country will definitely help you in your travels. Also, by first one I guess you meant the German one, it is so funny indeed =) It just kept me “sinking” about it all the time =) Thanks again =)

  17. Funnily enough JR, my favourite commercial was the first one, the German one, just because it was playing on the misinterpretation of the English. Very good, loved it!!

    1. Hi Guilia, thanks for visiting =) It is so interesting that if we do an online poll, The Berlitz Commercial will be the runaway winner. Actually, that’s also the reason why I strategically placed that as the very first possible video that a visitor will view. Again, I am very happy you liked the article. Thanks again =)

  18. WOW!!! This is one of the most creative posts I have ever come across! I found the German and Portuguese commercials to be the funniest. The Filipino commercial was especially powerful to me because of the unexpected twist. You have proven the old adage that pictures (or images) are worth a thosand words.

    So beautiful, JR. Perhaps the next time there’s a disagreement between nations, we should use images instead of words.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Veronica, thank you for your kind words =) It is very inspiring =) These commercials from all over the world are really just a handful, yet they represent diversity. I do agree that in our times right now, images can be very powerful and we must capitalize on it. As we’ve seen, these commercials, though spoken in different languages, can still touch our hearts and make us understand its message. Language should not be a barrier and the images as the universal bridge. Thanks again Veronica =) I am really happy you appreciated it =)

    1. Hi Wenda, that’s hilarious! Thanks for visiting =) It also floored me. Great one there. I am glad I shared to you the same viral happiness I felt watching all these =) Thanks again =)

  19. Thanks for sharing very touchy (over sensitive) and funny commercials.I truly enjoyed watching them each.You are right!Feelings don’t have a language.Sometimes words describe less than actions.

    Wish you all the best!

    1. Hi Lela, thanks for visiting =) I am very happy you appreciated it. Visual mediums, commercials for that matter, do transcend language. When done with perfect timing and great messages, it emits the same nostalgic joy, happiness or sadness regardless of the language. Thanks again and hope you could visit again soon =)

  20. Hahaha, Portuguese Dove commercial was my favorite since I also have long hair. Thanks for a good laugh. It’s great to have all these ads in one place without having to search for them.

    1. Hi Bing, thanks for visiting =) I;m glad you liked the article. And yeah, the Dove commercial is hilarious! =) Thanks brother =)

  21. These are the only kind of ads I like watching. I tune off to other types. We occasionally have a few pop up here in Australia. I will try send the links to you but if they don’t work here is the keyword sentence. I searched ‘Australian ad dog cleaning child’s face’ and then clicked on ‘PEDIGREE® DENTASTIX™ | Feed The Good – Messy Baby …’.

    1. Hi Helen, thanks for visiting. That’s amazing, I love the link you shared =) Creative and funny =) I’ll soon include it in the compilation. Thanks for this =)

  22. This is such a cool idea! I can think of several times where I’ve wondered about the advertising strategies and how they differ around the world. Plus, this is super entertaining!

    1. Hi Anna, thanks for visiting =) Advertising teams around the world are truly very creative. Whatever language we may speak, the creative juices of the human brain are at work. =) Thanks again Anna. I am glad you liked it =)

  23. Thanks for pulling these commercials together–I also enjoyed the foreign language versions of Disney’s “Let It Go”. Really, when you think about it, as a global family, what makes us more alike is stronger than what makes us different. We all laugh, cry, and are moved by the same things: love of family, a good joke and sadness.
    Great site!

    1. Hi Judy, thanks for visiting and your kind words. These are just some of the stuff that I love. Visually entertaining and knows no language barrier =) We are truly are all interconnected and that’s what amazing as a global community. Thanks again. OH and thank you too for visiting the other articles =)

  24. Here I am trying to get work done. Got stuck on your site and had to watch one after another. Great idea. Great presentation. I enjoyed it much. Keep working hard, it’s showing. Humor is not easy but works so well to gain trust. I’ll come back for more later. Back to work. I’m new to WA, check my site out and leave me a comment.

    1. Hi Mason, thanks for visiting. I am very happy that you like the compilations. And yes, welcome to WA =) Looking forward visiting yours too. Thanks bro =)

  25. Hey there JR,

    I got stuck in a whirlwind of your commercials – starting with the first one – English and German. I’m still giggling about that one now!

    I really like that, as a visitor, you get to stay on the page, without being taken somewhere else – this means that I’m not having to find your site again – thanks for that!

    Well, back to watching a few more of them before my break ends – they’ve certainly lifted my spirit for the day! Thanks for putting these together JR.



    1. hi Jacqueline, thanks for visiting =) I am very happy when I read comments like yours and how it makes people happy =) Aside from sharing the vastness of language and how we are all globally connected, it is my joy to have shared a smile with a new friend =) Thanks Jacqueline =)

  26. I love to laugh and love this page. I only watch the Super Bowl because of the commercials ! It’s even amazing to see the nonverbal messages that companies get across to the public.

    One of my favorite commercials of all time and is the Cheerio commercial of the daddy dancing
    to a cheerleading routine with his daughter. Cheerio did a great job at making my heart smile, and everytime I buy their product I think of that commercial. #jobwelldone

    1. hi Jheri, thanks for the visit =) I think I’ve also watched that Cheerio commercial. I also love that =) Commercials though spoken in various languages, and sometimes, even with no languages but just images, truly evoke the kind of messaging they want to share. This is truly how globally interconnected our emotions and feelings are. Thanks again and I am happy I’ve shared a very positive vibe =)

  27. Hah this page is great! This site is great. So many interesting subjects. I’m neither a polyglot nor a world traveler, but I can still appreciate the subjects you covered here so well. Bookmarking this site for later so I can do some reading, looking forward to more excellent writing on fascinating subjects!

    1. hi MJ, thank you very much for visiting =) You have very kind words and I am very thankful for it =) I am glad you appreciated it. It is really my hope that we get to love a new language, and only by hearing it and listening to it, we can truly fall in love with it =) Thank you again =)

  28. Hey, I really like the commercial “Let’s go Dad” from MICHELIN. Not only the language is Chinese but also the content is very touching. It reminds me the memory with my dad. The subjects this article covered are also diverse. Different country, different language, different culture. I agree with you that we always see what we believe or around. It is really nice to see all the commercials in one page!

    1. Hi Ted, thanks for the visit =) I also liked that. It reminds me when I was young and my adventures with my Father. The innocence and the bliss. Oh, such beautiful memories. I am glad you liked the selection =) Thanks again =)

  29. Impressive collage my friend, that Thai peppermint inhaler commercial had my crying, especially when the butler pulled down that last button and was taking his time to press it

    1. Hi William, thanks for visiting. That Thai commercial, oh men, that was hilarious. The Thais have this impressive way of making appreciate their commercials. Oh and the twist, it will leave you hanging till the punchline. Commercials at its best =) Thanks for appreciating the compilation =)

  30. These commercials are so funny, they hurt me… in a good way. Thanks for all the time, love and skill you put into selecting and showcasing them. It is clear from the comments that the word is out and your site is exploding across the web as people find these fantastic commercials and all your other exceptional content. This site is a treasure, and you are a master of communication and the perfect evangelist for appreciation of other cultures – this is a time when all of us need this message, especially in America, where I live. I love your site, and I salute you!

    1. Hi Steve, thanks for dropping by =) That’s awesome. I am very happy I’ve shared with you the good vibes in this article. Yeah, I guess we all just have to understand and love other’s culture and language, and maybe, we’ll be happier global people =) Thanks again =) Your kind words inspire me to write more =)

  31. Hahaha, what funny commercials!!! Love the Berlitz mostly, lol. I didn’t get to see all but the ones I watched were hilarious! The Dove was funny too. It kind of weirded me out at first with all the long slinging hair. Wasn’t sure what to expect next, lol. I did see the Thai peppermint lipbalm as well… wasn’t so funny though. I guess maybe it was generating other thoughts with the fire, anger and all… some of the words were hard for me to see because of color I think. However… A much needed laugh today!! THANK YOU! :o) hahahaha.

    1. Hi Paula, thanks for dropping by. I am glad I shared a good positive laugh =) It is truly interesting that though we may all speak different languages, the same emotion and feeling we can convey is universal =) Thanks again =)

  32. Hi JR,

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful ads. The one that stood out for me was the Thai ad. I first saw this ad early this year and I felt many emotions having watched it – angry, sad, grateful, hopeful and love for my own sister.

    As we are nearing Christmas I wanted to share an ad from my Country New Zealand. One of our oldest retail stores in the Country “Farmers” created this ad to reinforce the role they play in New Zealanders’ lives. I love it and I hope you do too:

    Thanks for sharing these ads.

    1. Hi Gaylene, thank you for visiting =) I am very happy that you liked the Thai ad. I also loved it =) Oh and thank you for sharing the advertisement from New Zealand. Touching and beautiful ads like this really evokes that wherever we are in the world, we all share one love =) Thank you for sharing it to all of us =)

  33. Thank you for sharing. These were great picks. I laughed, I cried, I smiled. It was great seeing that we all kind of think the same all around the world.

    1. Hi Laverne, thanks for dropping by =) I am glad you loved the picks. It is truly amazing how even if we speak different languages, thru ads like these, we can all communicate as one =)

  34. Great post! I’ve always wondered how different cultures and languages would react to my sense of humor and me to theirs. This really showed that whatever language you speak or culture you were raised in, many people share the same humor and emotions have similar reactions to such commercials. It helps to close the gap between the language divide, bring us as a people together.

    1. Hi Kyle, thanks for visiting. It is amazing that through these visual mediums, our sense of humor can cross boundaries and is not bounded by languages =) We are all one when we laugh and we is indeed the emotional bond innate in all of us that make us commune together =) Thanks again brother =)

  35. Interesting choices! I have seen a few already before, for example, the one about cancer(This one was very popular when it came out).
    Here is my honest opinion on the choice of the Spanish one and the Portuguese one:
    The Portuguese one I may understand that you only have Portugal and Brazil to look out for commercials and that they may not be available I guess. For the Spanish one, on the other hand, you have many Spanish speaking countries (South America, Central America, Mexico and Spain) that have a lot of options to choose from to be considered as best commercials like this one (Coca Cola) or this one (M&Ms) and this one (IKEA)
    I would like to see more choices for Portuguese commercials so I hope there are some people out there who can share a few.
    Overall I was glad to see commercials in different languages. Great job!

    1. Hi Dira, thanks for dropping by. I am glad you liked the choices. There are definitely tons of great commercials out there. Thanks for sharing them too here. Soon I’ll be coming out with Part 2 of new ones that truly caught my attention. Il keep you posted too when it comes out =) Thanks again Dira =)

  36. What a cool idea! And like you said…I did- I laughed..then cried!! Over a commercial!! NOOOOOOOO!!!! I almost didn’t click on the “Saddest Thai Commercial,” but I thought, “How sad can it be?” Dear Lord..My face is still covered in tears.
    Omg, that Michelin commercial was adorable and whhhhy don’t we have that Dove commercial here in the states?? It would work! Made meeeeee laugh. lol..Thanks for the man eye candy at the end. hahaha
    Super cute! Thanks:)

    1. Hi Jennifer, super thanks =) I am glad you liked the compilation =) There’s a lot more and I’m planning to have a new compilation =) Thanks thanks again =)

  37. Hahahaha, that Thai advert was the best, all that just for a peppermint inhaler. Its crazy how much effort goes into selling things on Television, I wonder if they sold enough inhalers to pay for making that advert

    1. Hahaha..Hi Matthew…that Thai one is hilarious! I guess they got the word out amazingly and it converted to great sales…hehehe =) Great you enjoyed it =)

  38. I really liked this commercials. They brought out all types of emotions in me. That is something we can share no matter where we are in the world. Commercials bring out a sense of feeling within us that make us take action whether it be to buy something, support something, or be aware of something. I wish they would play more foreign commercials in English countries because subtitles are powerful and their commercials are equally as beneficial! Thanks for your post JR.

    1. Hi Rob, thanks for the visit. I totally agree with what you said. These visual mediums of communication evoke the same feeling or resonate the same message wherever we are, whatever language we may speak. Yeah, I do hope more commercials are shared in the English speaking countries done by non-speaking ones. Thanks again Rob for liking this compilation.

  39. This is a wonderful thing you are doing combining all cultures through this form of media. The Mandarin commercial I found very touching being the father of two daughters. God bless you and keep up what you are doing this is truly needed.

    1. Hi Ronnie, thanks for dropping by =) I also love the Mandarin one…it evokes something special. Hearing the way Mandarin was spoken too leaves a lasting feeling of love. Thank you again Ronnie and I am glad you liked these =)

  40. Hi

    We are all human and messages like these show we are all the same whatever part of the world we come from or language we speak. I loved these adverts.

    The Thai one is so funny and relates to boyfriends getting trouble and not noticing things the word over!!!

    1. Hi Darren, thanks for the visit. I am glad you like these =) Thais are really amazing in creating such adverts… not your typical short 30-second ones… they tend to create longer versions yet they still capture the audience =) Thanks again bro =)

  41. JR,
    Watched several of your commercials, very different ways to get the point across to the audience. Use to short commercials in the US, some were very long, is this common in other countries.
    Although they were long, they did keep my attention all the way to the end.
    The US commercials do not play with the brain as much as the ones from around the world, they do not make you think, just tell you to buy the product.

    1. Hi John, thanks for visiting =) Commercials from other countries are indeed longer than what we are used to, but like what you shared, with creativity, it tends to keep us hooked. That is how amazing their creative minds work =) and yeah, sadly, some commercials just wants us to buy and not think… that I agree =) Thanks again chief =)

  42. Hi JR, My wife daughter and I watched your international adverts together. What a lovely collection of inspiring and interesting ads. I love the way some adverts are made to create a twist at the ending. The tile advert had us wondering what the punch line was all the way through. We laughed to find at the end what they were selling. Great entertainment. Thank you. Dave

    1. Hi Dave, that’s amazing. Thanks for visiting and appreciating the compilation =) Oh I love that Thai commercial too… hahahaha =) Soon I’ll be making a Part 2…I’ll keep you posted =) Super thanks =)

  43. Ever since I went off to college and got me a nextflix subscription. I honestly can’t tell you the last time I remember sitting down and actually watching uninterrupted TV. But I’m busting my parents this weekend and I’m sure I’ll be able t catch up on plenty. This was a very interesting article to read.

    1. Hi Zach, thanks for visiting =) I am quite guilty on it too. With technology and streaming stuff, it has been quite a while watching free tv and watching commercials =) Hope you enjoyed these commercials =)

  44. Interesting commercials. Living in the UK, our commercials are about a minute long, if that. They can fit between 3-4 commercials during a break so it was interesting to see commercials from a different perspective.
    What was also different about most of them is that it wasn’t really apparent what was being advertised until the end. I loved the one advertising the shampoo. If only it was that easy eh?

    Great selection of commercials! Thanks for sharing JR!

    1. Hi Jacqueline, thanks for the visit =) I am glad you liked the selection =) oh and yeah, the shampoo commercial… it’s one of my favorites too =) Super thanks again =)

  45. I love how you include international commercials. All of these have an impact and I wish American tv would show some foreign commercials as well. Sub-titles are used for a reason. What did you think about the Super Bowl commercials if you caught the game?

    1. Hi Rob, thanks for visiting =) I’m glad you liked the international commercials. IT’s a big break from the usual we see. IT’s also a way to celebrate the languages and its culture =) As for the Super Bowl, yeah I’ve caught some. I love the Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinklage battle… hehehe =) Thanks brother =)

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