Disney’s A Whole New World in Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and many more…

I can show you the world… let me rephrase it… I can show you how it was sung in various languages around the world. GlobalPolyglots.com wishes to share one of the most iconic Disney Song’s of all time, “A Whole New World” sung and interpreted in various languages. From Disney’s 1992 animated film “Aladdin”, this song was written by Tim Rice and its music was composed by Alan Menken. Originally sung by Lea Salonga and Brad Kane, it won the Best Original Song at the 65th Academy Awards and the Grammy Award Song of the Year at the 36th Annual Grammy Awards. Sit back, listen, enjoy and reminisce what it feels to be back in 1992. Let me show you the world, the world of beautiful languages.







Brazilian Portuguese


















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  1. Hi JR – I can really say that you reminded us of the good old days, I really loved the movie ‘The Aladdin’ its a shame they never made a real time movie like other Disney classics. The different languages awww its brilliant, I remember seeing this movie only in English but seeing this shows how they are trying to reach people at all places around the world. Is this the only song “A Whole New World” available in all languages? Or are you gonna post for other classics as well?

  2. Good one. Its nice to see how the world can be united. Although we use different languages, we speak same ideas. We talk of love, we talk of truth, same as others.

    1. Hi Lissa, thank you for dropping by =) I am glad you liked this article. You are spot on. It is my belief that we may all speak different languages but we all share one global heart. One way to celebrate it is thru music that’s why I shared and compiled this classic Disney song =) Thanks again and I invite you to visit my other articles =) Thanks =)

  3. Very cool! You definitely provide a way for all people with diverse languages to join in on the fun with this song. Not only that, you allow people to connect from all over the world by providing the song in many languages. Very interesting 🙂

    1. hi Rob, thanks for the visit =) It would be my great happiness to converge everyone thru music =) In our diverse world right now where anyone can connect with anyone at an instant, having a common connection that can bridge all of us will be amazing =) Thanks brother =)

  4. Hi. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like this before. I don’t even know most of these languages but it’s cool to hear them. Do you have full-length videos in each of the languages?

    1. Hi Tom, thanks for visiting =) Great to know that you’re hearing most of these languages for the first time =) Aren’t they lovely? =) As for the full-length videos, possibly youtube has them, but I am not really sure. I compiled just the short versions and the songs =) Thanks again brother =)

  5. Hi, JR! What a beautiful song! How different this song sounds listen in each language! Thank you for sharing! It is interesting, and I am sure that many of us love this song. We all are different and unique but at the same time so similar. We all have similar emotions and feelings, and deep down we share the same ideas of love, friendship, and freedom. Sadly, that there are forces that want us divided and fighting each other. This article is a great reminder of connected we are. I enjoyed it. Thank you!

    1. Hi Linda, thanks for visiting =) This is one of my favorite Disney songs and I am very happy to know that it has been translated and interpreted in various languages =) I agree with you 100 percent, thru music, we can all be connected =) Thanks again =)

  6. Classic song JR. It makes me think of my childhood and I can’t believe I’m sharing these songs with my kids now.

    And Wow, I can’t believe it was recreated in that many languages. So cool

    1. Hi Vince, a true classic indeed! =) I have the same feeling… my 3-year-old daughter is also singing it too and it just gives immense smile in our hearts =) A classic throwback with a twist =) Thanks again Vince =)

  7. Ah, this takes me back. I grew up watching Disney movies and Aladdin was one of my favorites. I have just shown my children these videos of the song in different languages as they also love the movie and they told me to tell you that the Korean one was the best, lol. It made a change to hear them sung this way as my children watch Aladdin about 3 times a week so thanks for sharing these with myself and my family.

    1. Awww..thanks Matthew =) I super love that your kids love the Korean version =) This song has also been part of my childhood and what a joy sharing it with our kids…and now with a twist of several languages =) I am glad you and your family liked this compilation =)

  8. Aladdin was one of my favorite Disney movies and I use to sit in front of the television singing along to the songs. It was a great childhood memory and I am glad you are sharing the remakes in different languages, wish they would have been made sooner.

    1. Hi Melissa, thanks for visiting. That’s so nice to hear. I guess all of us from “that” generation loved this song so much and it is such a joy hearing it again =) Now, with its various versions, it makes it more magical =) Thanks again and I am very happy you liked it =)

  9. It is interesting and I enjoy listening to those different sounds that languages from all over the world can make. Thank you for put them all together!

    1. Hi Tom, thanks for visiting =) It is my happiness hearing that you liked it =) The song has come so far and it has touched all of us across the world regardless of language =)

  10. Hi JR! Awsome that you have put together this gallery. I will definetly show this to my kids (they are at sleep now when I read this). I know they will love it. Thanks!

    1. Hi Marika, that’s fantastic =) That’s actually the first thing I did after I created this post, showed it to my kids and oh boy they love it. Thru this, I am slowly introducing to them the beauty of other languages. They may not understand it now, but just hearing will hopefully make them appreciate, love, and respect other languages and culture. Thanks again for visiting =)

  11. What an uplifting and special post! It’s great to focus on the things that can bring us all together, like a Disney story 🙂 too many things divide us.

    1. Hi Penelope, great to see you here =) Definitely a beautiful and lovely Disney music. It just exemplifies that through music, we can all unite as one and share something special =) Thanks again Penelope =)

  12. Knowing this song word for word in one language can be a learning tool when listening to it in a different dialect. I think you can actually learn how to a different language if you put forth the effort.

    1. Hi Maurice, thanks for dropping by =) Yeah, listening to various versions can jumpstart learning a new language. I know a Japanese song that I still remember now which was played when I was young boy. This Japanese song was played over and over when I was a kid and now it still resonates in me =)

  13. There are many songs that I heard from my love movies.
    I would like to find some songs for my 3 year old boy.
    Do you have any suggestion for me?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Eli, thanks for the visit. You can start with Disney songs. Almost all of them are easy to follow and convey messages of love and hope =)

  14. Hey JR, I’m from Brazil so it was cool to watch it in Portuguese. I have a 5 year old that speaks both English and Portuguese, but as we live in the U.S. she tends to watch everything in English. She was like “daddy she’s singing in Portuguese!” Hey, you made our day. Thanks.

    1. Hi Marcus, thank you for visiting =) I am very that I made you and your daughter happy. That for me is the beauty of sharing languages, it just gives pure joy in my heart =) It also great to know you speak Portuguese =) Thanks again brother =)

  15. Wow! I never realized that they did this. I took a semester each for Spanish, German, and Japanese. So interesting to hear what is so familiar to us in another language. Great stuff! It takes you away just like Disney intended but even better.

    1. Hi Sevaughn, thanks for visiting =) I’m glad you liked the compilation… it must be a blast for you hearing it in Spanish, German and Japanese =) Maybe you still know or maybe understand what the other versions’ meanings as they replace the words =)

  16. Hi JR 🙂 I really like this post, I am learning different languages and one of my ways to improve them is listening audio of songs or movies i pretty much memorized, some from my childhood and other ones from the movies my son and I watch.
    I found only a few versions of “A Whole New World” a while ago, but i’m happy you shared so many, i love it!T
    I look forward to more posts!
    Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Arlet, I am super happy you liked it =) Music really speaks volumes and one way to slowly immerse ourselves in a foreign language is thru songs. I remember when I was still a student at the University, I studied Spanish. Most of what I learned is gone in my system already except the Spanish songs which till now I know. Truly, this is a magnificent way to jumpstart learning a new language as the music lingers long inside us =) Thanks again =)

  17. This is really cool! I love Disney songs and so does my 3 year old. She loves to listen to the songs on the tablet. It is really funny because she listens to some of the songs I know from other Disney movies in different languages. It is nice to offer this because their brains are like sponges at this age and they are retaining so much of what they watch and hear. So why not let them listen in different languages! Thank you for providing this!

    1. Hi Tiffany, thanks for visiting =) I am happy you liked this. I share the same happy feeling. I also have a 3-year-old daughter and sometimes I am surprised she is watching something in a different language. Thou she has yet to master her English vocabulary, being exposed to various languages can for sure have a lasting impact on her. Wouldn’t it be lovely when in the future, our kids would just surprise us that they are polyglots already? Indeed, the power of globalization in communication works magic. =)

  18. This is awesome! I wish they did this with more movie songs (or maybe they did and I just don’t know about it). It is a great way to start learning other languages. There are great stories out there waiting to be discovered. I don’t mind the subtitles in a foreign movie and most of the times I learn a word or two.

    1. Hi Dira, thanks for visiting. It is indeed a great way to start learning a new language. In fact, just hearing it and appreciating its sounds, even if we don’t fully comprehend yet can be the beginning. And yes, there are more stories from other countries that have yet to reach global prominence. It is my wish too that all of these gets a global audience as it is also their window to their their culture =) Thanks again Dira =)

  19. Music (just like food), can unite us even though many of us speak in different languages. I love most of Disney’s movies. Aladdin is a great and classic story.

  20. That’s such a classic song haha nice choice. I remember that being one of my like all time favorite movies so it’s pretty cool you picked that one. What’s even more intersting is that it’s available in a different language! Who knew! I was always terrible with other languages in grade school, but I’m certainly not adverse to giving it another try again. It’s definitely a really awesome ability to have.

    1. hi bro, thanks for the visit =) Yeah, I’d love this Disney classic too =) I actually heard the Mandarin version in one of my travels and this inspired to make this article =) They are absolutely mesmerizing to hear in a different language =) Thanks again bro =)

  21. Hey there – this is a great post and some wonderful work here. This film was so relevant when it came out and frankly still is and the song….iconic !!
    keep doing what you’re doing the world needs more of this – good job

  22. Good morning – what a great way to start the day! Listening to Aladdin in a myriad of languages is certainly a different way to start. We love Aladdin and are going to see it live on stage later this year – can’t wait!


  23. This brought a smile to my face!

    Thank you for this post and all the people around the world who are fans of Aladdin. Now that we have the live action movie, it is even more fun!

    Thank you

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