7 Famous Hollywood Celebrity Polyglots and Bilinguals

We see them in Hollywood Movies. We idolize their acting performances. We love their English accents. But do you know that these famous Hollywood stars are also fluent in various languages?

Here is a rundown of Seven famous Hollywood Celebrity Polyglots and Bilinguals.


1. Natalie Portman – languages spoken: English, Hebrew, German, French, Japanese, and Spanish.

Here is her interview in Hebrew:

2. Jodie Foster – languages spoken: English, French, Italian, Spanish, and German

Here is her interview in French:

3. Penelope Cruz – languages spoken: Spanish, French, Italian, and English

Here is her interview in Italian:

4. Dolph Lundgren – languages spoken: Swedish, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish

Here is his interview in Swedish:

5. Tom Hiddleston – languages spoken: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Russian, Latin, German, Korean, and Mandarin

Here is his interview in Spanish:


6. Gwyneth Paltrow – languages spoken: English and Spanish

Here is her interview in Spanish:

7. Arnold Schwarzenegger – languages spoken: English and German

Here is his interview in German:

Now, isn’t that absolutely amazing?

What can you say about them? Share your thoughts below.

18 Replies to “7 Famous Hollywood Celebrity Polyglots and Bilinguals”

  1. Very cool article! I had no idea that some of these celebrities spoke multiple languages. Is it your opinion that to speak multiple languages you need to be raised bilingual or just start learning at an early age? Or do you think it’s possible to learn, fluently, more than say two languages as an adult?

    1. Thanks Penelope =) Growing up in a bilingual or multilingual environment is an advantage because we learn the languages naturally.. however, i think it does not guarantee that we can be fluent on them unless we continuously practice it =) Same goes when we learn new languages as adults… there will be challenges but it is definitely doable… I know a friend who five years ago, as an adult, tried to learn a new language.. now, he can converse well with it.. so learning a new language, doesn’t really require any age, it is more of the constant exposure and practice that we become fluent in it =) Thanks again =)

  2. Great article. I had no idea that some of these Hollywood stars spoke so many languages. I myself am bilingual but I pretty much grew up that way. I do agree with the comment you left for Penelope. You can learn a new language as an adult but it takes time and dedication and lots of practice.

    1. Thank you Chris =) Yeah, me too… In my research, I was surprised that they are a handful… it’s actually just seven of them… I am thinking of adding a Part 2 because there are still more of them =) and yes, learning a new language takes time and dedication… for me, living in the Middle east, in Doha, it is still a tough learning curve learning Arabic… but I am slowly getting there =) Cheers and thanks for dropping by =)

  3. I admire actors. They are very clever and hard working people. The amount of effort they have to put into not only remember their lines but to be able to improvise and have 10 minutes to know a script for a scene.

    It makes sense for them to learn more languages as it makes them more versatile and adds to their skills. I didn’t realize some of the actors you mentioned knew so many languages.

    great article, I can tell you have a great passion for your work

    1. Thank you very much Rose =) I didn’t realize too. It was only when I was searching for some polyglot celebrities that I get to know them. Actually, there are more of them. I’ll soon come up with Part 2 =) Thanks for dropping by and you are always welcome to come back to read new articles on languages =)

    1. hi Kelli, thank you for visiting =) Yeah, I was floored too (I like the way you described it, the “awe” factor) There are actually more of them, I shall soon make a Part 2 and even a Part 3 =) Thanks again =)

  4. Wow!! This is very interesting information. Jodie Foster is one of my favorite actresses and I had no idea she spoke different languages. I watched “Arnie” for years and I never knew he could speak German. It’s amazing how we watch these actors all the time, but really don’t know that much about them. Thanks so much for the information!!

    1. hi Deborah, thank you for dropping by =) Watching our favorite celebrities speak another language totally feels like a movie all over again… hearing regular speak several languages is already an astonishing feat, but hearing these celebrities, who are larger than life kind of icons, totally magnifies their awesomeness a hundred fold =) Thanks again and I am glad you were happy with the article =)

  5. Hi JR –
    I really like this post. It is so interesting to see all the different languages that these amazing actors & actresses speak. It just goes to show how in today’s world it is important to be multilingual. It was also very fun to watch all the videos you shared.
    Thanks so much – Brian

    1. hi Brian, thank you for visiting =) It gives me immense joy when I am able to share the beauty of languages. I am glad you appreciated it. Thanks brother.

  6. The one I am most surprised by and kind of in awe is Natalie Portman! I guess I’ve only ever seen her in movies where English is the prime language spoken so I had no idea she spoke so many! I speak English and some poor Mandarin Chinese and that has been hard enough for me to learn. I think what is most important in language learning though is using it every day and having people to converse with that will actually correct your mistakes. Which languages do you speak JR?

    1. hi Craig, Natalie Portman rocks right? I was floored when I heard her speak Hebrew, it was amazing =) I also agree with you, constant exposure and practice on a new language is the key on mastering it =) As for me, I fluently speak English and Filipino, plus a little bit of Spanish and Arabic =) Thanks again Craig for the visit =)

  7. Wow! I guess what we “know” about someone is very shallow. All I have heard about these individuals is from Hollywood. Schwarzenegger wasn’t a surprise as I knew he was an immigrant to the U.S., but I was absolutely floored about Natalie Portman. Very interesting subject. Thanks for posting.

    1. hi Cindy, thank you very much for visiting =) I share the same reaction upon seeing Natalie Portman. For us who grew up watching these actors perform in English movies, it is quite mesmerizing knowing that they speak more than the language we perceive them to be =) Thanks again =)

  8. I’m really impressed with Tom Hiddleston! How does someone retain fluency in that many languages without practicing every second of everyday? I know mandarin & English is my first language. But I am learning French right now & plan to learn Russian & Arabic.

    1. Hi Franny, thanks for passing by =) Oh yeah, Tom Hiddleston gave us a new dimension of his persona =) I am amazed by friends who know how to speak Mandarin, It’s one of the languages I wish to learn in my lifetime =) Ana Baref shway Arabic… I know a little Arabic being based here in the Middle East =) Thanks again Franny =)

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