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Hello and welcome to Hawaii. = Aloha e komo mai Hawai. My pseudonym name is Yo. I am an international graduate citizen positionality scholar researcher in your country. Originally from Mike Tyson home called Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York City, in the State of New York. I live in Kapahulu, Honolulu, in the State of Hawaii here in the USA. Nice to meet you. I have experience teaching university Americans, foreign students the Modern Standard American-English language, TOEFL examination test. Please only send me text messages for an acquisition academic educational scholastic scholarly intelligent format utilizing common words, business, education, social science, science, technology vocabulary words, sentences with enhancing our polyglot comparative analytical analysis achievement skills with dictating exercises, quizzes from dual listening, reading, speaking, typing, writing, studying and review, practice, learn, retain, master dual foreign native associate lesson session for a schedule free plan text, voice, share screen acquisition language skills exchange on the Polyglotclub Web site. The first 50 minutes session will be the American-English language. We will take 10 minutes break that is good for the brain, mind, body, spirit to relax, and think. The second 50 minutes session will be your native language. I have an array of hands-on experience, interest that are data assessment research with utilizing, implementing political science domestic, international policies, censoring government corruption, air quality, water quality, economics CPI, labor costs and benefits, and incentives, GNP, currency, raw materials, statistics, agriculture propagation, computer security technology, cultural linguistics diversity, auto mechanics, aviation flight-mechanics, playing the piano, guitar, violin, ukulele, singing, dancing, academic educational peer review, writing, publishing, and deep sleeping. See you later. = A hui hoa. Thank you very much. = Mahalo a nui loa

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